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If you have found our website page today, you likely need fast, professional help for a friend, family member or loved arrested and jailed in a Ventura County jail. We can offer the expert assistance you need right away.

When someone has been taken into custody by the Ventura County Police Department, or Ventura County Sheriff Department, we can provide important details, along with their booking, charge and jail location information. Call to speak with a licensed bondsman 24/7 at, 805-874-BAIL (2245) or toll free, 1-877-422-4591 for the fastest information in Ventura County.

When you’re ready to post bail, the paperwork is easy to understand, fill out and send back via fax or email. You won’t have to leave home to handle the bond details. Further, one of our professional, licensed agents can meet with you directly at your home, office or the jail if that’s more convenient.

Ventura County Jail Information

Many of those arrested in the Ventura County area may be transported to the Ventura County Main Jail (Pre-Trial facility)

Ventura Pre-Trial Detention Facility
(Main Jail for Ventura
800 South Victoria Ave.
Ventura, CA 93009
Main: (805) 654-2306
Inmate Information: (805) 654-3335
24 Hour Ventura Jail Bail Bond Info: 805-874-2245
Ventura County Inmate Search

Ventura County Courthouses

While a defendant is in custody here, they will be booked and processed into the jail system. This facility is administrated by the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department. The Ventura County Main Jail can hold hold both male and female sentenced inmates/pre-trial detainees.

If not taken to the pre-trial Detention in Ventura County, some inmates may get transferred to the Santa Maria Facility. This is a temporary facility which can only house inmates up to 96 hours.

East – Ventura County Jail
2101 East Olsen Road
Thousand Oaks, CA
Main: (805) 654-3335

This facility is used as a satellite booking center for Ventura County agencies located on the eastern side. Law enforcement can save patrol time when they don’t have to transport prisoners from this facility to Ventura County.

Honor Farm – Ventura County Jail
370 West Baldwin Road
Ojai, CA
Main: (805) 654-3335

To staff these two facilities, there are 28 officers and 27 general members of the Ventura County Sheriffs Department. There are two jail facilities on this site which also house female defendants.  The Honor Farm is located approximately 10 miles north of Ventura and just 2 miles south of Ojai.

Todd Road Jail Facility
600 South Todd Road
Santa Paula, CA 93060
Inmate Info: (805) 654-3335

The Todd Road Jail at full running may house up to 2307 inmates. The single inmate housing cluster came about as a result of a critically needed jail space as well as fiscal limitations.

Ventura County Booking Information 

The booking of an inmate generally includes fingerprints, photographs, background checks of a national database. Once the booking process has been completed, the defendant will be eligible for bail.

This process can often take from 4 to 6 hours to complete. It’s important to know that if the defendant is not bailed out of jail, they will remain in custody until they are seen in court.

Paying For a Bond in Ventura

In California, rate for a bond is 10% of a total bail amount. So, if bail is set at $10,000, the cost of a bail bond will be no more than $1,000. We never include any interest or fees when you work with us.

To pay for the bond, we take Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, direct deposit and cash. Further, we can help to make paying for the bond easy on your family by offering flexible payment plans to those who qualify.  Our caring, licensed agents are available anytime to offer you a no-cost, private consultation and support.

Call us 24/7 toll-free 877-422-4591 or locally at (805) 874-BAIL (2245) for fast answers to Ventura County jail bail bonds you need today.

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