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Catalytic Converter Thieves Arrested

On Sunday, September 5th, Ventura police conducted a traffic stop in the Ventura area. After confronting the driver of the vehicle, police determined that there were three Los Angeles men inside, and proceeded to conduct a search. During the search, police discovered several catalytic converters that they believed to be stolen, as well as the [...]

Ventura Chase Suspect Arrested

Recently, a suspect was arrested in connection with a high-speed chase that occurred in Ventura County on Friday, June 4th. It all began just before 11:30 Friday morning when police received a report of a stolen vehicle from the Roadway Inn motel. On route to the crime scene, police spotted the stolen vehicle and attempted [...]

Mail Theft Leads to High Speed Chase

Mail Theft Leads to High-Speed Chase as authorities in the Santa Rosa Valley had been conducting a four-month-long investigation into mail theft when they were surprised by a report detailing the suspect they were after. The investigation began when deputies at the Moorpark station were investigating reports of mail theft by a suspect in an [...]

Two Animal Cruelty Suspects Arrested in Ventura

Recently, two suspects, a father, and a son were arrested in Ventura County on suspicion of animal cruelty. The arrests came after a search warrant was served in Lockwood Valley, a small community in the Los Padres National Forest. During the search, law enforcement officers discovered "significant animal abuse and neglect" at the residence. Some [...]

Ventura Deputies Arrest Suspect on Narcotics Charges

Recently, a 22-year-old suspect was arrested in Ventura on several narcotics charges after deputies working proactively found a heap of controlled substances, including fentanyl, methamphetamine, and Xanax, as well as evidence of narcotics sales and a loaded unregistered firearm. The arrest began as many do, with a traffic stop being conducted. When deputies spoke with [...]

Seven Arrested During Ventura County Police Operation

On Thursday, January 28th, a multi-property search warrant was executed at 7 am. The warrant was executed at one site in Thousand Oaks and at seven others in Oxnard. During their search, authorities discovered gang-related graffiti, about 50 cans of spray paint, and several replica and real firearms. Two weapons - a rifle, and a [...]