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About Robin Sandoval

Robin Sandoval is a California Licensed Bail Bondsman and owner of SCV Bail Bonds. Robin writes blogs and articles to help increase community awareness of the bail industry. If you have questions or want to suggest a topic, email, visit or call 661-299-2245.

Routine Stop Nets Arrests

On the morning of Tuesday, October 20, a Santa Clarita Sheriff Station deputy patrolling McBean made a routine traffic stop after noticing a motorist with a broken tail light. After questioning the motorist and passenger, the deputy learned that the passenger was on active parole, so the deputy initiated a parole compliance search. After searching [...]

Eliminating Bail Encourages Repeat Offending – No on Prop 25

The Corona Virus has upended life as we know it. While residents of a few California Counties are able to go about life in a more or less normal fashion, many of us have had to make do with what's available - which isn't much. When it comes to law enforcement, perhaps one of the [...]

Prop 25 May Lead to More Incarcerations

In 2018, then-Governor Jerry Brown signed into law SB10, effectively making cash bail illegal in California. However, the bail industry was able to quickly obtain enough signatures to put a referendum on SB10 on the ballot in the form of Proposition 25. If Prop 25 passes, the changes made to California's criminal justice system under [...]

Man Charged with Trespassing and Vandalism in Valencia

A Valencia man faces charges of  trespassing and vandalism stemming from an incident that occurred on September 4th. The suspect, C. Keoshian, of Valencia, was arrested after deputies responded to a call in Canyon Country reporting a home invasion and shots fired. According to reports, the suspect made his way into the home and continued [...]

Suspected Child Molester Arrested

On Wednesday, September 23rd, SCV Sheriff Station deputies responded to a call at a Newhall business where a man was allegedly staring at young girls. When police investigated further, they found that the man was not only staring at the girls but that he had stood in front of them while masturbating. The suspect, C.L. [...]

Prop 25 and Racially Biased Risk Assessments

Do you remember SB10? It was passed in 2018 and sold to voters as a way to deal with the "unfair" bail system. What it actually did was give more power to judges, more money for probation departments, and end the use of money bail. In place of money bail, judges would be granted much [...]

Couple Charged With DUIs After Hitting Each Other

Recently, a Canyon Country couple in their 50s were arrested and charged with felony DUI charges and hit-and-run charges after colliding with each other in separate vehicles. According to reports, the couple went out on a date and had a few drinks. Later that evening, the couple got into their cars to head home when [...]

Teens Charged After Magic Mountain Break-In

Two teens were recently arrested by Santa Clarita Sheriff Station deputies just before 8 am on Friday, August 28th. SCV deputies made the arrests after a Tik Tok video surfaced showing two teens at the park after hours. During the video, the teens were seen sneaking into the park through bypassing a chain-link fence, entering [...]

Suspect Arrested After Fight with Officer

On Friday, August 21st, a witness at a gas station near The Old Road and Lake Hughes called police to report a man fueling his car who appeared to be under the influence of a substance. When CHP officers responded to the call, they encountered the suspect who seemed "nervous" and "fidgety," and appeared to [...]

Music Producer “Detail” Arrested in Stevenson Ranch

The LASD Special Victim's Bureau is investigating N. Fisher, a.k.a. "Detail," in relation to fifteen charges of sexual assault. According to reports, the incidents are said to have happened between 2010 and 2018. In January of this year, detectives submitted the case to the LA District Attorney's office for review. By the end of July, [...]