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About Robin Sandoval

Robin Sandoval is a California Licensed Bail Bondsman and owner of SCV Bail Bonds. Robin writes blogs and articles to help increase community awareness of the bail industry. If you have questions or want to suggest a topic, email, visit or call 661-299-2245.

Suspected Mail Thief Arrested

On Tuesday, July 28, SCV Sheriff's Station deputies performed a routine traffic stop on a vehicle they noticed was in violation of California's Vehicle Code. After stopping the vehicle, they discovered that the driver - a Palmdale man in his 30s - did not have a license and was in possession of drugs and dozens [...]

Valencia Woman Arrested on Suspicion of Elder Abuse

On Wednesday, July 15, deputies arrested a Valencia woman after an incident in late June sparked an investigation. The 54-year-old suspect is believed to have physically abused her parents and forged checks in an amount greater than $950. The suspect was arrested in the morning and taken to the Santa Clarita Sheriff Station where she [...]

SCV Weekend Crime Rate Up Over 30 Percent

Father's Day weekend in the SCV turned out to be a busier one for Santa Clarita Sheriff Station deputies, as the weekend crime rate rose over 30% from last weekend. If you're worried about serious crimes spiking in the SCV - don't be - the bulk of the additional arrests and charges surrounded possession of [...]

SCV Bail Bonds for Looting Charges

Given the recent events, people have taken to the streets in an effort to protest a long history of mistreatment by the police directed at people of color. Some of the protests were peaceful, some of them were rowdy, and some degenerated into downright chaos. When protests become riots, looting is almost sure to follow. [...]

Two Suspected Robbers Arrested in Canyon Country

On Sunday, May 23, M. Walls (F) and B. Norline (M) were arrested in Canyon Country on suspicion of robbery after an incident that occurred elsewhere in the Santa Clarita Valley. It all started at about 2 am on May 23 when the victim called police to report that he had been the target of [...]

GTA Suspect Arrested in Valencia Steals Another Vehicle Immediately After Release

On the afternoon of Monday, May 8th, a man allegedly stole a Camaro from the Auto Nation Valencia Dealership. After receiving the report of a stolen vehicle, Santa Clarita Sheriff Station deputies formed a containment area in Canyon Country which eventually led to the suspect's arrest. Since Los Angeles is still under strict orders to [...]

Drunken Canyon Country Man Charged After Party

In the early morning hours of Saturday, May 9th, a Canyon Country man was arrested under suspicion of assault and false imprisonment after he returned home from a party intoxicated and abused his relatives. According to reports, deputies responded to a domestic violence call at about 2:45 am on Gravett Place in Canyon Country when [...]

What is a No-Bail Warrant?

Deputies arrested a suspect on a no-bail warrant after engaging on a foot pursuit through Newhall. According to the early reports of the incident, the deputies who arrived on scene initially believed that the suspect had been armed with a handgun. once the suspect was apprehended, deputies conducted a search. No handgun or other firearm [...]

SCV Bail Bonds – Are Threats Considered Domestic Violence?

Under California Penal Code 422 PC, California's criminal threats law, it is illegal to threaten to harm or kill another person. Criminal threats are defined as threats of death or bodily injury intended to (and actually do) place the victim in a sustained state of fear for their safety or the safety of their family. [...]

Man Arrested for Drinking in Public and Resisting Arrest

On Friday, March 20th, a 27-year-old Canyon Country man was arrested and booked on misdemeanor charges including drinking in public and resisting arrest. It all started when deputies received calls reporting a traffic hazard near Sierra Hwy and Vasquez Canyon Rd. Deputies were told that there was a man in the road causing cars to [...]