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Defense Council and Attorney Referrals. Photo: SCV Bail BondsWe adhere to the highest ethical standards in bail and will stand by our commitment to your clients. We’ll take the time to discuss all of their options — whether it’s 2PM or 3AM.

We understand that bail is not your average 9 to 5 business. Therefore, we offer personalized service and support before, during and after every bond we underwrite. We have the hands-on experience to quickly process your clients from arrest to release — discreetly, professionally, efficiently and respectfully.

Why Choose SCV Bail Bonds?

It’s not just about writing bail, it’s about helping people:
  • We always take the time to listen to your clients needs first, and will provide them local contact information if needed for family support, counseling and/or drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities which can help to prevent recidivism.
  • We can wait for the defendant’s release, offering them a ride to their car, home, office or tow yard to retrieve their vehicle if needed.
  • We take the time to track defendant court dates, personally follow-up with reminder phone calls.
  • We use the latest technologies and keep on top of industry trends.
  • We make it a point to assist your clients in providing important court and logistic information 24 hours a day.
Lowest Rates Offered:
  • We can offer your clients an 8% bond, (20% discount).
  • We can also offer the 8% rate to clients who are union members, active members of the U.S. Military, 55 or older, or provide acceptable collateral.
  • We can offer your clients no-interest, flexible payment plans, (o.a.c), based on their solid employment history or home ownership.
  • We accept VISA, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, cash, personal, business checks and direct deposit.
Signature Bonds:
  • For California residents who are U.S. citizens, we can offer “signature bonds” without the requirement of collateral for bonds up to $100,000 or more, for those who are of good reputation and are steadily employed.
24/7 Availability to You and Your Clients:
  • We offer no-cost consultations and can approve bail quickly by phone/FAX/Email, 24 hours a day, even on holidays.
  • Warrant research.
  • 1275 holds processing.
  • Mobile notary services.
  • Motions and in-court paperwork/processing.
Client Confidentiality Always Placed First:
  • We take client privacy seriously. All defendant paperwork, electronic data and phone calls are kept private and confidential. We’re discreet and know your clients want it that way.
When you Refer Your Clients to Us:
  • We will quickly and personally assess your clients needs, then work rapidly to procure the defendant’s fastest release from jail or court.
  • We have experience posting bail at police departments, stations, sheriff stations, county and city jails, and courts throughout California.
  • We work with a strategic network of professional, licensed bondsmen and have in-depth knowledge of the courts and jail systems in California.
Felony Bail Schedule

Check out the 2018 Felony and Misdemeanor bail schedule

See what a difference referring the right bail agency can do for your and your firm. Call us today at 877-422-4591 or contact us at a local number in your area.