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Theft Group Possibly Responsible for Recent Burglaries

Residential burglaries are happening more and more frequently throughout Southern California, and residents are getting anxious. Over the past months, law enforcement has struggled to identify, let alone apprehend, suspects related to most of the burglaries and now they think they know why. According to law enforcement, many of the recent burglaries might be due [...]

Suspect Released on Zero Bail Fails to Appear for Court

The issue of Los Angeles County's Zero-Bail Initiative is a hot one. Proponents argue that the program is successful since people who cannot typically afford bail are not forced to stay in jail because of their finances. Detractors argue that the Zero-Bail Policy eliminates the deterrent necessary to ensure suspects report to the court at [...]

Rape, Kidnapping, Sexual Assault – Santa Clarita Man Charged

On Tuesday February 27th, Santa Clarita resident N. Morales was charged with dozens of felonies, including several counts of rape, attempted kidnapping and sexual assault. The suspect is alleged to have committed these crimes between October 2016 and January 2018 while posing as a driver for a ride-hailing service. He was arrested on February 23 [...]

Phony Uber Driver Arrested on Suspicion of Sexual Assault

On May 13, C.O. Pichinte posed as an Uber driver when he picked up a female waiting by the side of the road in West Hollywood. After a short jaunt into Beverly Hills, the suspect pulled the vehicle over and allegedly sexually assaulted the female victim. One week later, Pichinte was arrested during a motor [...]

Stun Guns Used in Two Temple City Robberies

Two Temple City retailers were robbed within an hour of each other by women wielding stun guns. The first store to be hit was a CVS pharmacy where witnesses reported that two women walked in, picked up multiple items, and left without paying for them. An employee of the store confronted the women as they [...]

Long Beach Bust Nets 5,000 lbs. of Illegal Fireworks

Three suspects were arrested in Long Beach after police found them selling illegal fireworks. Police received an anonymous tip from a resident and dispatched officers to the home. When they arrived, officers found a makeshift storefront created outside of a garage and arrested two males - both known gang members - and a female on [...]

LAPD Seeks Shoplifting Suspects

As the LAPD seeks shoplifting suspects wanted in relation to an alleged theft that occurred on May 31, the department has asked the public for help identifying the suspect. Witnesses of the alleged crime reported that the two women walked into the store and appeared to be browsing, and ended up in the women's clothing [...]

Conrad Hilton Arrested on Two Charges

Saturday, May 6, saw Conrad Hilton arrested on two charges outside the Hollywood Hills home of his ex-girlfriend's family. Police showed up at the residence in the early morning hours to find Conrad Hilton inside a Bently Convertible owned by the victim's father. Hilton was said to have been trying to contact his ex-girlfriend, Hunter [...]

Hollywood Prankster Surrenders to Police

On New Year's Day, residents of Hollywood were surprised to discover that the iconic "Hollywood" sign had been changed to read "Hollyweed." Police had since been investigating the prank, and last Monday, the alleged prankster turned himself in. Accompanied by his lawyer, Zachary Cole Fernandez turned himself in at the Hollywood station and was subsequently arrested [...]

Deputy Treasurer of Compton Arrested on Suspicion of Embezzlement

The FBI is currently investigating Compton's Deputy Treasurer Salvador Galvan's dealings with the city regarding allegations of embezzlement. An internal investigation began after City Treasurer Doug Sanders was examining ledgers and noticed several discrepancies. A day after the discrepancies were discovered, Galvan confessed to a co-worker that he had been stealing money for years. LASD deputies took [...]