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Strange California Laws

There are a lot of laws on the books to keep society orderly and safe. Some laws make sense, such as those that prohibit assault, theft, vandalism, and others. However, there are some laws on the books whose meanings are lost to time. Here are a few of those weird laws. It is Illegal for [...]

Drone Used for Narcotics Deliveries

According to authorities in Simi Valley, a suspected drug dealer was using a drone to deliver heroin to customers. On Friday, March 19th, law enforcement officers finished their investigation into their suspect, J. Piani, of Simi Valley, after it was believed he was selling methamphetamines and heroin. When officers arrested the suspect on Friday, the [...]

Santa Clarita Sheriff Station Report

Deputies at the Santa Clarita Sheriff Station have had a strange week, so far. On Monday, January 7th, they released a woman who had been arrested on misdemeanor narcotic charges only to re-arrest her 10 minutes later - before she even left the station. According to a post on their Facebook page: "A Saugus woman [...]

DUI for Castaic Man Steering with His Feet

A 21-year-old Castaic man was arrested Friday, April 13th, and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol with great bodily harm. The charges stem from a collision that occurred at 10:30 pm on February 12 on Bouquet Canyon Rd. when the vehicle the suspect was driving crossed a double-yellow line and was subsequently broadsided [...]

Man Arrested After Using Fake ID to Sneak Into LA Jail Facility

Last Tuesday, a man attempted to enter one of the largest jails in the world with a fake ID and several weapons. According to reports, the individual walked into the jail facility in downtown Los Angeles and quickly flashed his "FBI credentials" to officers nearby. When the officers stopped the man to get a better [...]

Stun Guns Used in Two Temple City Robberies

Two Temple City retailers were robbed within an hour of each other by women wielding stun guns. The first store to be hit was a CVS pharmacy where witnesses reported that two women walked in, picked up multiple items, and left without paying for them. An employee of the store confronted the women as they [...]

Conrad Hilton Arrested on Two Charges

Saturday, May 6, saw Conrad Hilton arrested on two charges outside the Hollywood Hills home of his ex-girlfriend's family. Police showed up at the residence in the early morning hours to find Conrad Hilton inside a Bently Convertible owned by the victim's father. Hilton was said to have been trying to contact his ex-girlfriend, Hunter [...]

Alleged Blowtorch Wielding Serial Robber Arrested in Glendale

Jermaile Hairston, a 41-year-old resident of Glendale was charged with three counts of second-degree robbery after allegedly using a blowtorch and tazer to rob liquor stores in Glendale, Carson and Long Beach over the course of two days. When entering the stores, Hairston allegedly threatened to "kill everyone inside," if the clerk didn't hand over [...]

Diamond Heist in Belgium

Not many thieves go for the gusto much these days, but on Monday suspected professionals netted $50 million dollars worth of merchandise during a diamond heist in Belgium. A Helvetic Airways jet was set for an 8pm takeoff Monday evening when two automobiles resembling police vehicles approached the plane with flashing lights and sounding their [...]

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“Pep” – Inmate No. C 2559

"Pep" - Inmate No. C 2559 The name, "Eastern State Penitentiary" may sound somewhat familiar to you. That's because it has been in the public eye on and off over the past several years. And because of the prison's 'haunted history,' it has been featured in various episodes of just about every paranormal [...]

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