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Robbery vs. Burglary – What Is the Difference?

Burglary and robbery are often used interchangeably by members of the public because both crimes deal with someone stealing something. However, they're two different offenses and can only be charged when the specific criteria are met. Burglary Burglary is charged when someone enters a building with the intention of committing a felony or a theft [...]

Strange California Laws

There are a lot of laws on the books to keep society orderly and safe. Some laws make sense, such as those that prohibit assault, theft, vandalism, and others. However, there are some laws on the books whose meanings are lost to time. Here are a few of those weird laws. It is Illegal for [...]

New 2024 California Laws

Happy New Year! New years tend to bring new laws in California, and below is a list of some important ones. Medical Privacy A significant loophole in the protection of your privacy is now closed. AB 352 ensures that companies that manage electronic health records must protect health records that are related to abortions, gender-affirming [...]

Theft, Forgery Suspect Arrested

Recently, a man was arrested by deputies working out of the Santa Clarita Sheriff Station on multiple charges, including identity theft with a prior, forgery, fraud, and others. The arrest came after a lengthy investigation into who the suspect was and where they were located. According to reports, deputies had been looking for the suspect [...]

How Much Is Bail for Robbery?

Robbery is covered under California Penal Code 211 PC. It is described as "the felonious taking of personal property in the possession of another, from their person or immediate presence, and against their will, accomplished by means of force or fear." To rob someone is to take personal property from them that doesn't belong to [...]

Possession of Burglary Tools

Possession of burglary tools is covered under California Penal Code 466 PC and makes it illegal to possess burglary tools with criminal intent. For the most part, burglary tools are everyday items. They include: Screwdrivers Crowbars Vice grip pliers However, burglary tools are not limited to everyday items. They also include certain tools that make [...]

Illegal Marijuana Grows Busted

Recently, a large number of police arrested 23 people in connection to illegal marijuana grows in Antelope Valley. The investigation involving over 400 police began months ago when Antelope Valley residents complained that the illegal grows were impacting their lives. According to authorities, illegal pot growing is "an existential threat" to Los Angeles County. Alleged [...]

Armed Robbery Suspects Arrested

On December 20, 2020, four suspects carried out a violent robbery on the grounds of the gated La Quinta community in Riverside County. The suspects allegedly used an AK-47 to bash the heads of two victims until they were unconscious. The suspects then took the men's valuables and fled. Two other suspects have been previously [...]

GTA Suspect Arrested in Valencia Steals Another Vehicle Immediately After Release

On the afternoon of Monday, May 8th, a man allegedly stole a Camaro from the Auto Nation Valencia Dealership. After receiving the report of a stolen vehicle, Santa Clarita Sheriff Station deputies formed a containment area in Canyon Country which eventually led to the suspect's arrest. Since Los Angeles is still under strict orders to [...]

Teenage DUI Suspect Arrested

This weekend saw a teenage DUI suspect arrested after a traffic stop. According to reports, an officer spotted the vehicle near Avenue R-4 in Palmdale. After running a check on the license plate which indicated that the vehicle was stolen, the officer conducted a traffic stop. The driver failed to stop and instead led police [...]