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GTA Suspect Arrested in Valencia Steals Another Vehicle Immediately After Release

On the afternoon of Monday, May 8th, a man allegedly stole a Camaro from the Auto Nation Valencia Dealership. After receiving the report of a stolen vehicle, Santa Clarita Sheriff Station deputies formed a containment area in Canyon Country which eventually led to the suspect's arrest. Since Los Angeles is still under strict orders to [...]

Teenage DUI Suspect Arrested

This weekend saw a teenage DUI suspect arrested after a traffic stop. According to reports, an officer spotted the vehicle near Avenue R-4 in Palmdale. After running a check on the license plate which indicated that the vehicle was stolen, the officer conducted a traffic stop. The driver failed to stop and instead led police [...]

Man Arrested for Looting During Wildfires

As firefighters battled the wildfires currently raging through Sonoma County, one man allegedly looted several items from local businesses as well as first responders. The suspect, M. Plumere, was spotted stealing sunglasses from a vehicle located in one of the evacuation areas. When police searched him, they found an emergency fire shelter on his person. [...]

Bribery Suspect Freed on Bail

Friday, February 17, saw John Wessman, a bribery suspect freed on bail. Wessman is being accused, along with Palm Springs Mayor Steve Pougnet and developer Richard Meaney in a bribery scandal. According to reports, $375,000 was paid to Mayor Pougnet by Wessman and Meaney in order to gain votes on development projects. On Wednesday, February [...]

San Gabriel Coach Arrested for Statutory Rape

A San Gabriel Coach arrested for statutory rape was picked up after he fled to Henderson, Nevada with his 15-year-old student/girlfriend. Juan Ivan Barajas, a 36-year-old athletic director at the San Gabriel Mission High School is alleged to have developed a relationship that included sexual activity with one of his students. It's unclear how family [...]

Joyriding Charges in California

When an automobile is taken without the owner's permission, an individual will usually be charged with one of two crimes. The first, and likely the most well-known, is grand theft auto; the other is joyriding. Which charge someone is accused of will depend upon how long the suspect intended to keep the vehicle. Joyriding charges [...]

Santa Clarita Bail Bonds: California Penal Code 132 PC

Most of us are well-aware that using fake or false evidence in a California Court proceeding is a bad idea. Even if you know the person is guilty, but there just isn't the right type of evidence to prove it in a court of law, making or providing false evidence can not only lead to the [...]

Additional Charges Filed Against Suge Knight in Los Angeles Court

Infamous rap mogul Suge Knight is currently in police custody and charged with murder and attempted murder stemming from a hit-and-run that resulted in a death. After the hit-and-run incident, Knight was charged with attempted robbery stemming from an incident on September 5th, 2014 in which Knight and comedian Katt Williams allegedly tried to take [...]

Man Arrested in Santa Clarita Under Suspicion of Indecent Exposure

Those who have ridden The Metrolink train into downtown Los Angeles know that it's typically a pretty uneventful ride. Recently, though, a few unfortunate women were subjected to some decidedly less... picturesque scenery on their commute. Allegedly, a man on the number 216 train from Lancaster to Union Station was exposing himself to female passengers. [...]

Orange County Sees Upsurge in Concealed Weapons Permit Applications

Six months ago, California courts relaxed the standard required for concealed weapons permits. Previously, it was required that if an individual wished to obtain a permit allowing them to carry a concealed weapon, he or she must first provide documented justification to the County Sheriff. Under the newly relaxed standards, though, it is now possible [...]