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Woman Arrested for DUI and Assaulting Police Officer

On Sunday, October 29th, the Newhall office of the CHP received a call about a single-car crash on the 5 near Magic Mountain Parkway. After responding to the scene, a 24-year-old woman, suspected of being under the influence of alcohol, allegedly became combative with police and was arrested on suspicion of DUI and assaulting a [...]

SB 262 – Another Assault on Bail

Do you remember a few years ago when the California Legislature attempted to end cash bail in the state? The people were able to organize and force their voices to be heard by way of Prop 25, the proposition that overturned the abolition of bail. Under the legislature's plan (outlined in SB10), cash bail would [...]

Armed Robbery Suspects Arrested

On December 20, 2020, four suspects carried out a violent robbery on the grounds of the gated La Quinta community in Riverside County. The suspects allegedly used an AK-47 to bash the heads of two victims until they were unconscious. The suspects then took the men's valuables and fled. Two other suspects have been previously [...]

Mayor Garcetti Issues Strict New Orders

In an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19, Mayor Eric Garcetti has announced sweeping restrictions on gatherings, business, and travel. The mayor is asking Californians to "cancel everything' in the wake of a severe spike in Corona Virus cases, with the state quickly approaching its limit on hospital beds. Last Wednesday, there was reported [...]

Teenage DUI Suspect Arrested

This weekend saw a teenage DUI suspect arrested after a traffic stop. According to reports, an officer spotted the vehicle near Avenue R-4 in Palmdale. After running a check on the license plate which indicated that the vehicle was stolen, the officer conducted a traffic stop. The driver failed to stop and instead led police [...]

DUI Can Lead to Murder Charges

As we approach the holidays, it's important to remember that celebrations can quickly lead to tragedy when alcohol is involved. Recently, two teenage brothers were killed in a traffic collision when the driver of their vehicle hit two parked cars while driving under the influence. Their vehicle flipped upon contacting the parked cars and the [...]

Man Charged After Pointing Laser at Orange County Sheriff’s Helicopter

The helicopter that the Orange County Sheriff's Department uses to support officers on the ground goes by "Duke," and early Tuesday morning, Duke got an eye-full. While out in support of officers, deputies flying Duke in Santa Ana reported someone firing a laser at them from Thornton Park. The occurrence took place at about 8:35 [...]

LASD Deputies Rescue Human Trafficking Victim

A 20-year-old human trafficking victim was recently rescued by LASD deputies after her disappearance on Feb. 26. The rescue resulted in the subsequent arrests of Rico Clayton, Chad Miller and Monique Butler. According to reports, Butler invited the victim to her birthday party on February 26, in Palmdale. When the victim arrived, she was assaulted [...]

Arrests Made in ‘Coyote Scam’ Targeting Los Angeles Elderly

Every few months, one scam or another seems to pop up on law enforcement's radar. Most of them involve a phone call where a victim is either lied to or scared into paying the suspect via some sort of untraceable currency - usually a gift card. A few would-be scammers, though, are brazen enough to [...]

Santa Clarita Bail Bonds: San Bernardino Hikers Fear Stalker

Recently, several female hikers have reported being stalked by an unidentified male while traversing a popular San Bernardino County hiking trail. A woman who was hiking Blue Mountain Trail on Saturday, September 12th, reported that she was stalked by a man in his 40s with a dark complexion and medium build. The man was driving [...]