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Flasher in Orange County Pleads Guilty, Gets 3 Years

Stephen Ponte Garcia, a registered sex offender with an extensive criminal record was charged with two counts of indecent exposure after exposing himself to women on Orange County buses. Garcia pleaded guilty to both felony counts of indecent exposure with prior convictions and was sentenced to 3 years in prison by the judge. Garcia was [...]

San Gabriel Coach Arrested for Statutory Rape

A San Gabriel Coach arrested for statutory rape was picked up after he fled to Henderson, Nevada with his 15-year-old student/girlfriend. Juan Ivan Barajas, a 36-year-old athletic director at the San Gabriel Mission High School is alleged to have developed a relationship that included sexual activity with one of his students. It's unclear how family [...]

Possible Reduction in Phone Charges at LA County Jails

In 2015, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued an order leading to a possible reduction in phone charges at Los Angeles County jails. Inmates won't find out until next week whether or not they'll be charged less for phone calls across the board. The order issued by the FCC isn't set to take effect until June [...]

Santa Monica Date Rape Suspect Charged

Recently, three women thwarted an individual's attempt at date rape at a Los Angeles restaurant. According to reports, the three women were dining at The Fig in Santa Monica when they noticed a man drop something into his date's drink when she got up to use the restroom. The women immediately alerted the lady in [...]

Southern California Officers Honored by President Obama

It's a police officer's job to protect us, sometimes from each other, and sometimes from ourselves ("click it or ticket," anyone?). It's easy to sit back and assume one will act accordingly when the need arises, but when circumstances are such that doing their job requires a police officer to put themselves in significant danger, [...]

Fake Father Fools Faithful

Apparently, nothing is off-limits to a scammer. Erwin Mena has, for years, provided the services of a Catholic priest to parishioners of the St. Bernard Catholic Church in Glassell Park and the St. Ignatius og Loyola Catholic Church in Highland Park. Unbeknownst to those he scammed, he was not an ordained priest nor was he [...]

Santa Clarita Bail Bonds: San Bernardino Hikers Fear Stalker

Recently, several female hikers have reported being stalked by an unidentified male while traversing a popular San Bernardino County hiking trail. A woman who was hiking Blue Mountain Trail on Saturday, September 12th, reported that she was stalked by a man in his 40s with a dark complexion and medium build. The man was driving [...]

Robbery Reported in Valencia, CA Summit Neighborhood

Early in the morning on Friday, September 19th, Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff Station deputies received a call about a man through the streets naked in Valencia's Summit neighborhood. Upon arriving on the scene, deputies encountered the suspect, clad only in a towel, and quickly made the arrest. The story gets a little stranger from here, [...]

Los Angeles Times Comments on California Prison Reform

For years, the State of California has been dealing with a prison overpopulation crisis that has had both inmates and human rights advocates up in arms. In 2010, Governor Brown put forth a plan of action that would take qualifying inmates from state prisons and house them in county jails instead. Additionally, qualifying inmates from [...]

Attempted Poisoning Thwarted in San Jose

An attempted poisoning was thwarted at a San Jose Starbucks. The San Jose police arrested Ramineh Behbehanian, aged 50 after a customer at the Starbucks reported strange behavior. Ramineh was seen removing orange juice bottles from the store shelves and replacing them with ones she carried in her purse. After the customer reported what he saw to [...]

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