Burglary and robbery are often used interchangeably by members of the public because both crimes deal with someone stealing something. However, they’re two different offenses and can only be charged when the specific criteria are met.


Burglary is charged when someone enters a building with the intention of committing a felony or a theft while inside. Most of the time when someone breaks into a building they’re looking to steal something, so burglary is often associated with theft. But, the definition of the law also covers other felonies, so a person can enter a building with the intention of doing something else, such as committing a sex crime or drug offense, and still be charged with burglary.


Robbery, on the other hand, is the act of stealing something from someone else’s person through the use of force or fear. Right off the bat we can see one of the main differences between burglary and robbery – the location of the item(s) being stolen. To be charged with burglary the items must be inside a building you enter in order to steal them. To be charged with robbery, the items must be on the victim’s person (or very near them).

Second, for robbery charges to be appropriate, the suspect must take the items from the victim using force or fear. Simply asking someone nicely for their wallet is extremely unlikely to result in robbery charges. However, asking them sternly or angrily, implying that they might be in danger if they fail to comply, may very well result in robbery charges. It’s all in how you ask.

Bail Bonds for Burglary Charges and Bail Bonds for Robbery Charges

Usually when someone is arrested on suspicion of burglary or robbery they are given a bail amount at the end of the booking and processing procedure. However, with the zero-bail policy currently being used in LA County, it’s possible that individuals suspected of burglary or robbery may be cited out instead. It depends on the specifics and severity of the crimes.

Regardless, if someone you know has been arrested and you need to get them out of jail fast, we can help. Give us a call any time of day or night.

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