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DUI Suspect Arrested Within Sight of CHP Station

CHP officers recently arrested a man they believed to be under the influence of some sort of drug. It all began when officers in the Newhall CHP station noticed a vehicle stopped in an intersection beyond the limit line. When officers arrived at the scene they initially believed the man had fallen asleep at the [...]

Four SCV Businesses Burglarized

Early last Wednesday morning four separate businesses in Santa Clarita were burglarized. At about 3:45 a.m., Pizza Di Marco 2 was burglarized. The security cameras on the property caught two individuals breaking into the restaurant. Once inside, the suspects ruined two computer registers while stealing the money inside. They also broke a printer and the [...]

Glendora PD Arrested Suspect Three Separate Times in a Single Day

A man was arrested, cited, and released three times in the same day by police in Glendora. Allegedly, the man was stealing vehicles and other merchandise when he was arrested by police. Due to California's new "zero-bail" initiative taking place in counties across the state, arrestees suspected of committing crimes are generally cited and released [...]

Suspect Arrested on Suspicion of Evading a Police Officer

Last Thursday, a police pursuit began at about 2:30 pm in Newhall. The suspect, in an allegedly stolen Honda, led deputies working out of the Santa Clarita Sheriff Station from Newhall to Soledad Canyon Road when the suspect t-boned another vehicle on the left side of the street. The suspect then exited the vehicle and [...]

Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff Station Report – 9PM Routine

The crime of breaking into cars to steal valuables has probably been around about as long as vehicles themselves have existed. It's a quick, easy way for an opportunistic thief to come up on items they can either keep and use themselves or sell to others for a few fast dollars. According to a Santa [...]

Santa Clarita Crime Updates

You may have heard about Jeffrey Elvington of Saugus, who was arrested multiple times for allegedly scamming women out of money and stealing their credit cards. On his recent arrest, he was charged with violating probation, grand theft and burglary. A San Fernando judge allowed Elvington to plead guilty to the lesser of the two [...]

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Kanye West Investigated After Altercation at LAX

En route to a waiting automobile at LAX, Kanye West allegedly assaulted a paparazzo who angered the rapper by speaking to him. According to LAPD reports, West was exiting the airport on the way to his waiting car when a paparazzo who was snapping pictures of the star also began to ask him questions. The [...]

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Bobby Brown Pleads Not Guilty

It seems like Bobby Brown has had just as much media coverage for his law-breaking behavior as he's received for his success as a singer. Arrested in October by the LAPD, Bobby Brown pleads not guilty for the second DUI charge he has faced in 7 months. It began, like so many other arrests, on [...]

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Violent Crimes are on the Rise in the USA

According to 2011 crime statistics, for the first time in the past 20 years, violent crimes are on the rise in the USA. While there have been a slew of mass shootings that have taken place across the country, the most famous of which being the movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado, the U.S. Bureau of [...]

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“Pot Luck!” Ban Has Been Lifted For Marijuana Dispensaries in Los Angeles

The Los Angeles City Council voted to repeal the ban on pot dispensaries in the city by a vote of 11-2. This comes only days after the Federal Government raided a number of local dispensaries in the Los Angeles area in an effort to crack down on what they refer to as illegal pot distribution. [...]

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