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Suspected ‘Panty Bandit’ Arrested in Woodland Hills

The suspected 'Panty Bandit' arrested in Woodland Hills is named Carlos Olivas. Detectives gave him the moniker because he allegedly broke into several lingerie shops and stole a variety of women's undergarments. Police aren't sure whether or not the suspect was turning around and selling the lingerie himself or if he was shipping it out [...]

Man Arrested After Attempted Kidnapping in Victorville

Friday July 1st saw a man arrested after attempted kidnapping in Victorville mobile phone store. Reports state that a woman holding a baby entered the store with her 4-year-old in tow. Once inside, she notified employees of a "strange man" that had been watching her. Although she didn't think he'd follow her into the store - he did. [...]

Deputies Detain Dubious Detergent Dealers

After a lengthy investigation, LASD deputies detain dubious detergent dealers after conducting several raids across Los Angeles. According to authorities, investigators had been looking into reports of counterfeit laundry detergent being sold in large, 5 gallon buckets at swap meets, fundraisers and on the internet. Apparently, individuals had been purchasing a look-alike product on the [...]

Man Arrested Before Pride Parade Charged

James Howell, 20, of Indiana was arrested prior to Sunday's Pride Parade after his suspicious actions were reported to police. According to reports, a man walked outside his home in the early morning hours of Sunday June 12th and spotted Howell "acting suspicious." The witness claimed that shortly after exiting his home, he noticed Howell [...]

Los Angeles Police Seek Deranged Suspect

A couple weeks back, witnesses report that a small dog hopped out of a minivan on East First Street in Los Angeles. The driver then got out himself, pursued and captured the dog, then proceeded to punch it and slam it against the sidewalk until it died. One of the witnesses took a picture of [...]

LAPD Cracks Down on Misuse of Parking Placards

Recently, the LAPD has been cracking down on the misuse of parking placards. According to officers, police have confiscated over 500 illegal handicapped parking placards from motorists in the past 7-months. Some of the placards have been made of paper, while others have been obvious fakes or from out-of-state. Some of the placards police collected [...]

Los Angeles City Attorney and Prop 47

As many of you are well-aware, Proposition 47 was passed in November of 2014 with the intention of provided much needed relief to California's dangerously overcrowded prison system. Under the proposition, several commonly-committed, yet nonviolent felonies were reduced to misdemeanors with penalties that included less time behind bars. In needing to house fewer criminals, the [...]

Manhattan Beach Amps Up Deterrence

Cities across the county are taking measures to help curb the rising crime rates across Los Angeles. While the San Fernando Valley has enlisted the help of volunteer patrols to be the eyes and ears of the LAPD, Manhattan Beach amps up deterrence with the installation of license-plate reading cameras. This fall, 7 license-plate reading [...]

Northridge Sexual Assault Suspect Sought

The LAPD is seeking the public's assistance in their search for a man suspected of sexually assaulting a a 70-year-old woman in Northridge. The alleged crime is reported to have occurred on February 2nd at 10:30 p.m. in the Sherwood Forest neighborhood of Northridge. The details of the crime are only that the man dragged [...]

Former College Football Stars Charged with Felonies

It isn't uncommon to hear about NFL players committing crimes, after all, they play on the biggest stage in the country and people are generally interested. When college players commit crimes, though, it can sometimes fly under the radar. Once such instance recently occurred this month when we saw two former college football stars charged with [...]