• “Robin helped us when we didn’t know where to start or what to do. It was 2:00 a.m. and she stayed on the phone with me and explained the bail process so patiently, I was glad to know she understood what we were going through. She followed up with information that made his release time much faster and less painful. Thank you so much.”

    by Angela and Jerry, Castaic

  • “Thank you SCV Bail Bonds for your help. Nuri and Robin not only gave my fiance a ride to his car from the jail, but waited at the tow yard to make sure they were open. Then, they let me talk to him on their cell phone, so I knew he was in good hands. They were very patient in helping us through the entire situation.”

    by Raiza and Matt, Bakersfield, CA

  • “Was working on a TV show in Mexico last year, covering the Baja 500 in San Felipe. On the way back home, our show producer was arrested at the border on a warrant out of Nevada. We were all shocked. He was booked in at the jail in El Centro. I followed behind in the truck and sat for several hours before realizing that he was going to need some help. I called SCV because a friend used them when he got a DUI. They were amazing. I could tell that they cared about my friend and wanted to do whatever possible to get him out. They called me every 30-60 minutes with updates and made me feel like I had a friend in my corner. I don’t know anyone in that town, so that was huge. You guys rock! If my brother, sisters, mom, kids, or wife called me from jail, SCV is who I would call every single time.”

    by L. Marklin, Santa Barbara, CA

  • “SCV Bail bonds are not what you’d expect from a bail bonds company based on the Hollywood image. Robin and Nuri are really genuine warm people, that understand the value of customer service. Things happen and I got into some trouble, and SCV was there to quickly and professionally help me out. Hopefully I never have to use them again, but if I do, or if anyone I know does, I’ll go with/recommend SCV!”

    by Eli A., Long Beach, CA

  • “We have a son who’s bi-polar and he was pulled over for a traffic violation. The police found his meds in a baggie and arrested him, in Van Nuys, in the middle of the night. I was frantic and he was calling me, terrified and crying. Without his medication I knew he’d be heading into a manic episode and then there would be real trouble. Thank God for Nuri and Robin! They let me call them as much as I needed throughout the night and they got the bond posted and my son out. I would recommend SCV Bail Bonds to anyone. They were very compassionate and patient and their fast response kept a really bad situation from becoming worse.”

    by V. Sevlin, Sherman Oaks, CA

  • “SCV Bail Bonds helped me when I felt like the whole world had disappeared from under my feet. I never thought I would have the need for a bondsman. Someone I love was arrested for a warrant we were not even aware of. Robin was extremely informative and professional while kindly leading me through the very overwhelming and legal process. I was reassured and made to feel confident that things would work out. I highly recommend them because not only are they extremely organized, well informed and plugged in, but because they also balance that with a truly caring and compassionate approach. Thanks SCV Bail Bonds.”

    by Angie D., Valencia

  • “Got in trouble again, had a warrant, did not know what to do. Spoke with Nuri and Robin. They asked my wife a lot of questions about my background and where I lived etc., etc., but I could see why they did that cuz of the ONE warrant. They established that my wifes rep was good and that mine not all bad. I had just missed a single court date and never tried to fix it as I became afraid to call and bring notice to myself. This time I kept my court date and got that warrant taken care of too. I highly recommend SCV Bail Bonds!”

    by Sci Fi Guy, Studio City, CA

  • “My family and I were visiting relatives in California when our teen son and his cousin got arrested for a double DUI at Magic Mountain. Could not believe it! This went down at the end of our vacation and we didn not know what to do. Even though we were from out of state, SCV Bail Bonds helped us -- coming through for us after we made 100 other calls to Bail Bond Agencies that turned us down for this reason. I hope to never go through this nightmare again. Thank you Robin and Nuri! I am so glad you were there when I needed you!”

    by Evelyn Ramirez, Van Nuys, CA

  • “I know Robin and Nuri of SCV Bail Bonds and I can honestly say they are two of the nicest people I know. Robin’s commitment to detail and Nuri has a comforting demeanor which makes it pleasant dealing with true professionals!”

    by K-NINE - Dog the Bounty Hunter, Celebrity Double

  • “A complete confusion led to my being arrested and it was the first time. I did not know any phone numbers by heart. When I called SCV, Robin made contact with my family and worked with them to get me out of the Santa Clarita jail. I wish this on nobody, but I want to say, without this company, I would have been lost. Great people.”

    by Mr. A. Wallace

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