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Newhall Vandalism Suspect Captured

Another vandalism suspect was arrested in Newhall on Tuesday, December 15th. According to reports, deputies working out of the Santa Clarita Sheriff Station began receiving reports at around 12:40 pm from the Bonanza Liquor Store on the corner of Main and Market. The witness described the suspect as using a magazine rack to destroy the [...]

Speeding Motorcyclist Arrested on Multiple Charges

On Saturday, November 14th, deputies from the Santa Clarita Sheriff Station were patrolling near Newhall Ranch Road and the 5 freeway when they spotted a speeding motorcyclist with a broken tail light. A stop was conducted and, after a further search of the driver's belongings, the deputies discovered an unregistered AR-15 rifle with an illegal [...]

Routine Stop Nets Arrests

On the morning of Tuesday, October 20, a Santa Clarita Sheriff Station deputy patrolling McBean made a routine traffic stop after noticing a motorist with a broken tail light. After questioning the motorist and passenger, the deputy learned that the passenger was on active parole, so the deputy initiated a parole compliance search. After searching [...]

Man Charged with Trespassing and Vandalism in Valencia

A Valencia man faces charges of  trespassing and vandalism stemming from an incident that occurred on September 4th. The suspect, C. Keoshian, of Valencia, was arrested after deputies responded to a call in Canyon Country reporting a home invasion and shots fired. According to reports, the suspect made his way into the home and continued [...]

Couple Charged With DUIs After Hitting Each Other

Recently, a Canyon Country couple in their 50s were arrested and charged with felony DUI charges and hit-and-run charges after colliding with each other in separate vehicles. According to reports, the couple went out on a date and had a few drinks. Later that evening, the couple got into their cars to head home when [...]

Pimping Suspect Remains in Custody in Castaic

Christopher Moss, 33, was arrested last month in North Hollywood on suspicion of pimping. Information obtained during and after his arrest touched off a larger investigation which extends into multiple states. According to investigators, Moss may be part of a much larger pimping ring that travels from city-to-city. During the investigation, authorities were able to [...]

Valencia Man Arrested After Violating Restraining Order

On Saturday, February 8th, deputies from the Santa Clarita Sheriff Station headed to Saugus after receiving reports of "someone banging on a woman's door." Upon investigation, deputies learned that the suspect had indeed been banging on a woman's door before they arrived. However, when the banging failed to elicit the response the suspect wanted, he [...]

Three Arrested on Existing Warrants and Narcotics Charges

On Tuesday, January 7th, at around 12 am, deputies patrolling The Old Road noticed a suspicious man approaching patrons at a nearby gas station. Upon investigating, the deputies discovered that the suspicious man (and the driver of the vehicle) had a warrant out for his arrest, as did one of the two passengers in the [...]

Handling the Arrest of a Family Member in Santa Clarita

If a friend or loved one has been arrested and taken into custody in Santa Clarita, it can be a scary ordeal for everyone involved. Where are they going? When will they get out? Will they be okay? The questions and anxiety can be incredibly difficult to deal with. The first thing you'll want to [...]

Assembly Bill 1210 – The Answer to “Porch Pirates?”

Mail theft has plagued Santa Clarita for a long time. It usually spikes around the holidays, when thieves know that a lot more money and gifts are  being sent through the mail, but the crime doesn't disappear when the holidays are over. It's more or less impossible for police to do anything about it until the [...]