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Santa Clarita Sheriff Station Report – IRS Phone Scam

Deputies recently posted an alert on the Santa Clarita Sheriff Station Facebook page about IRS scams. The post reads: "Throughout the years, many taxpayers have encountered individuals impersonating IRS (Internal Revenue Service) officials, whether it be in person, over the telephone or via email. Don’t fall victim to this scam. The #LASD, and the IRS, want [...]

SCV Sheriff Station Report – Human Trafficking Ring Busted

The Santa Clarita Sheriff Station recently posted on their Facebook page that a total of 11 men were arrested during a human trafficking sting in Castaic and Stevenson Ranch. The post reads: "A total of eleven men were arrested in Stevenson Ranch and Castaic during a human trafficking operation that was conducted on Tuesday by [...]

Fast, Affordable, Santa Clarita Bail Bonds

If a friend or loved one has been arrested and taken into custody in Santa Clarita, getting them out of jail fast requires contacting a local bail bondsman as soon as possible for fast, affordable, Santa Clarita bail bonds. When taken to the Santa Clarita Sheriff Station, arrestees will need to go through the booking [...]

Using Collateral for Santa Clarita Bail Bonds

More often than not, finding out that a friend or loved one has been arrested and taken into custody will come as a surprise. Sometimes, in these cases, you may want to bail them out of jail, but the bail amount is large, or the defendant is considered high-risk. Times like these are when using [...]

Santa Clarita Bail Bonds: Check Fraud

With Christmas shopping in full-swing, now might be an important time to highlight a crime that tends to spike around this time of year: the crime of check fraud. While retail establishments in Santa Clarita such as the Valencia Town Center and other merchants are increasingly turning away from personal checks in favor of cash [...]

Santa Clarita Bail Bonds: Bail by Fax or Email

Los Angeles County is big, and the LA life typically involves a lot of driving to different areas, whether it be for work or pleasure, and sometimes a person is arrested and taken into custody in an area where nobody is immediately available to help them. Being arrested comes as a surprise, and often times [...]

Terms for Bail Release in Santa Clarita

The 5th Amendment guarantees the right to bail, and the 8th Amendment assures that the cost of bailing someone out won't be excessive. However, just because the right to bail is guaranteed doesn't necessarily mean there won't be any strings attached. Let's say for example, an individual is arrested on suspicion of domestic violence and taken [...]

Santa Clarita Bail Bonds: Assault Charges in Santa Clarita

If you know someone that has recently been arrested on assault charges in Santa Clarita, it's likely that they are located at the Santa Clarita Sheriff Station on-site jail. When someone is arrested in the area, they're taken immediately to the Santa Clarita Sheriff Station where they will undergo booking and processing. During the process, [...]

First DUI Arrest in Santa Clarita – Should I Post Bail?

Being arrested can be scary - whether you're guilty of committing a crime or not - and when it happens, most people's minds are on the thought of languishing in jail until their court date. When someone is arrested under suspicion of DUI in Santa Clarita, they will be taken to the Santa Clarita Sheriff [...]

Fast, Local Santa Clarita Bail Bonds

If someone you know has been arrested and taken into custody at the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff Station and needs your assistance to bail them out, it can be stressful for all those involved. We understand, and we can help. When a person is arrested and taken into custody, it usually comes as a surprise - leaving those [...]