Moorpark Embezzlement Suspect Arrested

May 20th saw a Moorpark embezzlement suspect arrested by authorities. A property manager from Moorpark was arrested after it was alleged that he embezzled over $40,000. The investigation started in March when a group of ranchers came to police to report that they believed they had been the victims of embezzlement by their property management [...]

7 Arrests Made in Human Trafficking Operation

According to the Ventura County Sheriff, seven people were arrested (and two are currently being sought) in connection with a human trafficking ring that was being run out of several Southern California businesses in three separate counties. In January, police in Ventura County received reports that a human trafficking ring, which provided both sex services [...]

Anyonymous Tip Exposes Marijuana Grow House

On January 20th, Santa Clarita Sheriff Station deputies received an anonymous tip via L.A. Crimestoppers about a possible marijuana grow house in Canyon Country. Deputies were able to obtain and serve a search warrant on the property and, once inside, they found that every room in the house was being used to grow marijuana. They [...]

Off-Duty Officer Aids Arrest

An off-duty police officer helped Santa Clarita Sheriff Station deputies capture a couple from Van Nuys who are believed to have been stealing packages. It was the off-duty officer who first contacted the SCV Sheriff Station to report the suspects. Deputies responded to the area. When they spoke to the off-duty officer, he said that [...]

Canyon Country Man Assaults Parents

On Tuesday, November 3rd, Santa Clarita Sheriff Station deputies received a report of a possible assault. According to reports, the suspect, W. Hawkins, 37, of Canyon Country, whom it is believed has a drug problem, was causing a disturbance outside his parents' home. The suspect pushed the father down when he was asked to come [...]

DUI Suspect Arrested Within Sight of CHP Station

CHP officers recently arrested a man they believed to be under the influence of some sort of drug. It all began when officers in the Newhall CHP station noticed a vehicle stopped in an intersection beyond the limit line. When officers arrived at the scene they initially believed the man had fallen asleep at the [...]

Four SCV Businesses Burglarized

Early last Wednesday morning four separate businesses in Santa Clarita were burglarized. At about 3:45 a.m., Pizza Di Marco 2 was burglarized. The security cameras on the property caught two individuals breaking into the restaurant. Once inside, the suspects ruined two computer registers while stealing the money inside. They also broke a printer and the [...]

SCV Bail Bonds for Looting Charges

Given the recent events, people have taken to the streets in an effort to protest a long history of mistreatment by the police directed at people of color. Some of the protests were peaceful, some of them were rowdy, and some degenerated into downright chaos. When protests become riots, looting is almost sure to follow. [...]

Two Suspects Nabbed on Identity Theft and Narcotics Charges

On Monday, February 17th, deputies from the SCV Sheriff Station were patrolling in Canyon Country around midnight when they encountered a suspicious situation. They noticed a car parked in an alley behind some closed businesses at around midnight. Upon investigation, deputies learned that the female driver and male passenger both had warrants out for their [...]

Two Arrested in Santa Clarita Attempted Murder Investigation

Detectives with the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station’s special COBRA unit are conducting an investigation into an alleged attempted murder. According to reports, the incident began after a fight broke out at a 7-11 convenience store in Canyon Country when the victim engaged the two suspects, a male and a female, in an argument. During [...]