If you think you may have a warrant out for your arrest, you may be living in a constant state of anxiety. Living this way isn’t going to fix the situation, you have to act. When you turn yourself in, it gives you the opportunity to take charge of your life and move on. Below are a few common questions about warrants and turning yourself in.

How Do You Know If You Have a Warrant?

If you’re worried there may be a warrant out for your arrest, there are a few ways you can find out. The first is to call the Santa Clarita Sheriff Station or the sheriff station in your local area. Most of the time, they’ll be able to let you know if there’s a warrant out for your arrest and can help you with turning yourself in.

If you have an attorney, you can contact them and have them help you. If you have a bench warrant out for your arrest, your attorney can help by scheduling a hearing and avoiding you having to go to jail.

The final way to find out if you have a warrant is to contact your local bail bonds company, like SCV Bail Bonds. We can perform a warrant check and, if necessary, get the ball rolling on a bail bond before you turn yourself in.

Why Turn Yourself In?

The prospect of going to jail is scary, why should you voluntarily subject yourself to that? For starters, you’ll stop living in fear of being arrested. Also, turning yourself in can make you look good in the eyes of the court as it represents your desire to take responsibility for yourself and your actions.

Where Do You Turn Yourself In?

In Santa Clarita, you can turn yourself in at the Santa Clarita Sheriff Station or at any of the county jails or detention facilities near you. Bring a photo ID, any prescription medications you need to take, and glasses/hearing aids/walkers, canes, etc. you may need.

Robin Sandoval
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