Being bailed out of jail by SCV Bail Bonds is a great feeling. However, not everyone released on bail is able to stay out of police custody. Sometimes, being freed leads a defendant to go back to doing what they did before, resulting in being re-arrested. There are important rules to follow while you’re out on bail, but the world can be tempting. Here are a few tips for staying out of trouble while out on bail.

Continue Working (or Get a Job)

If being arrested didn’t cost you your job – you’re in luck! Continue attending work regularly. If you don’t have a job, use your time to try and find one. Working will give you something to do and help keep your mind off of your upcoming court date. You’ll also need income if you’re looking to hire counsel, so having a job is important in that regard. It can even help your case at trial by showing you’re attempting to be a productive citizen.

Avoid Alcohol and Drugs

Whether it’s a condition of your bail or not, make sure to stay away from drugs and alcohol when you’re out on bail. Both of these substances can reduce your inhibitions and lead you to make bad decisions. Decisions which, if bad enough, may land you back behind bars.

Don’t Travel Far

Another common bail condition is to stay within a certain area. Even if a judge doesn’t order you to limit your travel, you should do it anyway. Make sure you never travel out of state without notifying, and getting permission from, the courts and your bail bondsman.

Make Sure You Go to Court

You need to be present for all court hearings and meetings while you’re out on bail. Do not miss any. If you fail to appear, a warrant will be put out for your arrest, and you might not be able to get back out of jail – even with another bail bond.


Robin Sandoval
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