On Thursday, May 19th, officials announced that they were aware of the concern regarding a man driving a white Lexus around parks and schools in the Santa Clarita Valley. Specifically, the parks and schools where the mystery man has been seen are in Saugus.

For several months, the man has caused concern among residents as he behaved oddly, showing up at parks and schools and telling children he was there to pick them up. According to community members, the SCV Sheriff Station has been receiving reports since March of this year.

According to law enforcement, they have identified and contacted the man in question. Deputies continue to investigate any reports surrounding the man or his behavior but have nothing to make an arrest with as of yet.

Situations like these are scary, but the man in question has yet to commit an arrest-worthy offense. Should he do so, he may find himself charged with kidnapping or attempted kidnapping.

Kidnapping is covered under California Penal Code 207 PC and is described as moving another person a substantial distance, without that person’s consent, by use of force or fear. If the victim of the crime is a child, is injured or killed, if a ransom is demanded, or if the kidnapping is part of a car jacking, the potential punishment can be enhanced.

Kidnapping is considered to be a felony in California and is punishable by up to 8 years in California state prison and a fine of up to $10,000. Should the crime be upgraded to aggravated kidnapping (in the event of a ransom or some other aggravating circumstance) the potential penalty is increased to including the possibility of life with parole. It all depends on the age of the victim and what (if anything) the suspect did with the victim after the kidnapping took place.