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California Bail Under Assault Again

Lawmakers in the California State Senate have passed legislation to release nearly all defendants from custody by creating the "absolute right" to bail - even for dangerous defendants. Defendants facing charges for serious crimes would be released from jail should the new legislation pass. Some of those charges include: Domestic violence Felony sexual assault on [...]

Zero Bail Strikes Again

By now you've probably heard about the smash and grab robberies that have been happening in various cities and states. Recently, Los Angeles police arrested 14 people suspected of participating in these crimes around the city. However, with zero bail policies still in place, the suspects were quickly released after booking and processing. LAPD Chief [...]

Mistakes That Can Land You Back in Jail

There are many reasons why bailing someone out of jail is a good idea. They can continue to show up for work, attend classes, or tend to family obligations while they await their court date. However, there are a few things that can cause someone's bail to be revoked and land them back in custody. [...]

Eliminating Bail Encourages Repeat Offending – No on Prop 25

The Corona Virus has upended life as we know it. While residents of a few California Counties are able to go about life in a more or less normal fashion, many of us have had to make do with what's available - which isn't much. When it comes to law enforcement, perhaps one of the [...]

Prop 25 and Racially Biased Risk Assessments

Do you remember SB10? It was passed in 2018 and sold to voters as a way to deal with the "unfair" bail system. What it actually did was give more power to judges, more money for probation departments, and end the use of money bail. In place of money bail, judges would be granted much [...]

Glendora PD Arrested Suspect Three Separate Times in a Single Day

A man was arrested, cited, and released three times in the same day by police in Glendora. Allegedly, the man was stealing vehicles and other merchandise when he was arrested by police. Due to California's new "zero-bail" initiative taking place in counties across the state, arrestees suspected of committing crimes are generally cited and released [...]