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Glendora PD Arrested Suspect Three Separate Times in a Single Day

A man was arrested, cited, and released three times in the same day by police in Glendora. Allegedly, the man was stealing vehicles and other merchandise when he was arrested by police. Due to California's new "zero-bail" initiative taking place in counties across the state, arrestees suspected of committing crimes are generally cited and released [...]

What is a Bench Warrant?

Recently, a bench warrant was issued for a defendant who failed to appear in court to face allegations he shot and killed his dog. The defendant, C. R. Nard, 57, was supposed to have appeared in San Fernando Superior Court on Wednesday, October 30th, but failed to do so. The charges Nard is facing include [...]

Bailing Someone Out of Men’s Central Jail in Los Angeles

When a person is initially arrested and taken into custody the procedure is pretty much the same every time. They're taken to the local police or sheriff's station, put through booking and processing, and then held until bailed out or transferred. Most police and sheriff's station jails are small and not designed for the long-term [...]

Eligible for Bail in Los Angeles?

Is someone you know eligible for bail in Los Angeles? More often than not, when someone is charged with a crime, they're eligible for release from jail until their trial. In some rare instances, bail will be denied under certain circumstances. Ineligibility for Bail  The Los Angeles County Felony Bail Schedule is a document that [...]

Property Bonds: What You Need to Know

While the bail bond process is pretty simple, sometimes raising enough cash to bail someone out isn't. After all, finding out a friend or loved one has been arrested usually comes as a surprise, and money to bail someone out just isn't available. In cases like this, a property bond can be a life saver. [...]

Can I Travel While Out on Bail Bonds?

Sometimes when someone is arrested and released on bail, they have travel plans in the not-too-distant future, thus "can I travel while out on bail bonds?" is a common question we receive. The concern is that there's a stigma against traveling while out on bail, and that anyone who travels may likely be trying to [...]

Understanding Bail: Bail Hearings

Understanding Bail: Bail Hearings Recently, the founders of classified website were arrested and accused of conspiring to derive profits from prostitution via classified ads on the site. Due to the nature of their alleged crime, a judge ordered initially that they be held without bail. However, on Wednesday, October 12th, the judge at their [...]

Terms for Bail Release in Santa Clarita

The 5th Amendment guarantees the right to bail, and the 8th Amendment assures that the cost of bailing someone out won't be excessive. However, just because the right to bail is guaranteed doesn't necessarily mean there won't be any strings attached. Let's say for example, an individual is arrested on suspicion of domestic violence and taken [...]

California Bail Bonds and Property Bonds

When bail is set by a judge, that amount will vary widely depending on the nature and number of crimes a defendant is charged with. That being said, bail can sometimes be set pretty high, and most folks don't have the cash lying around to use to bail them out. That's when they go to [...]