We understand how terrifying and stressful it can be when someone you care about – friend or family member — is arrested and transported to the Oxnard Jail.

Who should you turn to if this happens in the middle of the night, or over a holiday?  The licensed and caring agents at SCV Bail Bonds can help. Whether you need a bondsman for the Oxnard jail, or for any Ventura County area jail anytime of the day or night, call us at our toll-free number, 877-422-4591.

Contact us 24 hours locally at 805-874-BAIL (2245). 

We offer flexible payment options and you can fill out one of our simple applications in the convenience of your own home via fax or email or download it directly from our website.  We can dispatch an agent to you in person 24 hours a day and can provide additional details about the booking and processing of the arrestee free of charge. We will update you on their status, and let we’ll you know immediately when we’ve posted the bond.

Oxnard Police Department and Jail Information

Oxnard Police Department Jail
251 South “C” Street
Oxnard, CA 93030
Booking/Jail Phone: (805) 385-7671
Police Department (805) 385-7600
Oxnard Bail Bond Information: (805) 874-BAIL (2245)
Oxnard Inmate Information

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Oxnard Police Department

The Ventura County Oxnard Police Department is located at the intersection of “C” Street and Third, inside the Public Safety Building. It is the only agency in the County which has both a police and fire communications base.

Oxnard Jail
The Oxnard Jail is also known as the Oxnard Police Detention Facility. It’s a small jail, made up of eight holding cells, two interview rooms and a central booking area, so people who are taken there are never kept overnight.  That is why it is imperative to get an arrestee bailed out of this facility as fast as possible.For anyone who is not released from the Oxnard Jail on their own recognizance (also called an O.R.), citation, or bailed out will most likely be transported to the Ventura County Pre-Trial Detention Facility, which is also known as the Ventura County Main Jail. Many Oxnard arrestees are also taken to the Santa Maria Jail.  If bail is not posted, the arrestees must remain in these larger jails until their arraignment in court.

Booking and Processing

Anyone who is arrested must first go through what is known as booking and processing.  The Oxnard Jail, being small, can get the job done quickly.  First the arrestee is photographed and then they are fingerprinted.  Personal information is recorded so that a nationwide computer background check can be run on them. This entire procedure can take anywhere from 1 to 4 hours.  Only after it has been completed are most arrestees eligible for bail.

How Much is a Bail Bond in Oxnard?

By law, bail bond fees throughout California, and most of the USA, are 10% of the total amount of the bail. For example, if the bail has been set at $10,000, SCV Bail Bonds will charge you a non-refundable fee of $1,000. Most of our clients use major credit cards to pay this percentage. However, we also accept cash and debit cards.  If you are concerned that your credit might not be the best, or if you can’t afford to pay even this percentage fee in full, call us anyway.  We offer flexible payment plans that suit almost any situation or budget.

Indemnitor Responsibilities

Once you enter into a contract with a Bail Bond company, you become what is known as the defendant’s indemnitor.”  This is another way of saying that you are legally and financially responsible for the defendant to get to all court dates until the case is resolved.  As such, it is extremely important that you know the defendant well enough be certain they will show up for court.

Should your family member or friend fail to show up for their pre-scheduled court date, you and the bail bondsman would be responsible for paying the entire amount of the bail – which can be thousands of dollars. We understand that people sometimes get sick or forget their court dates. The majority of bail bond ‘skipping’ issues are easily resolved with a simple phone call to SCV Bail Bonds.

Trusted Family Bail Agency

We are a family bail agency, run by a husband and wife. We know what it means to be supportive.  We never judge – we only want to help.  SCV Bail Bonds has agents who are local to the Oxnard area.  Anything we discuss will be held in strictest confidence. Trust you’ve chosen the right bail agency to service all your bail needs. We run our agency with the utmost integrity — that’s our promise to you.

If someone you care about has been arrested and jailed in Oxnard, you owe it to your own peace of mind to call us now at our toll-free number, 877-422-4591 or locally at (805) 874-BAIL (2245). We can help you get through this.