Prescription Fraud ChargesPrescription Fraud Charges – California Health and Safety Code 11350-11356.5

Has someone you care for been arrested on Prescription Fraud charges in CA?

Sec 11350 of the California’s Health and Safety Code says it is illegal to possess controlled substances without a valid prescription. These are essentially drugs and/or chemicals whose use, manufacture and possession are governed by the State.

For example, if the defendant was in possession of counterfeited prescription drug blanks, they were likely charged with prescription fraud, because no person, other than a physician, dentist, podiatrist, veterinarian or pharmacist can write or issue prescriptions.  Therefore, anyone caught with more than three counterfeited prescription blanks may face imprisonment in state prison or county jail. As you can see, this type of fraud can be very serious offense in California.

Other types of forging or prescription fraud are:

  • Altering a drug’s quantity on a physician’s prescription
  • Forging a prescription on a stolen physician’s pad
  • Impersonating a doctor or medical staff to call in prescriptions
  • The use of computers to create false prescriptions
  • Using one’s own phone number as a call-back confirmation number
Penalties for Prescription Fraud

The penalties for possession of a controlled substance, or committing fraud to obtain a controlled substance vary, but typically the arrestee can felony imprisonment of up to a year and a half in a county prison facility for each count of possession.

For GHB or any other kind of depressant, however, the crime can be charged as a misdemeanor.

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Overview of Prescription Fraud Charges 

California’s illegal drug possession/prescription fraud laws prohibit people from possessing certain prescribed drugs without a valid prescription. Examples of these controlled substances that are frequently prescribed and abused include (but are not limited to): codeine, and hydrocodone (“Vicodin.”)

The following an explanation of terms and phrases that typically accompany these charges:

  • Possession – This can refer to three distinct legal ideas: actual, constructive or joint possession. Possessing an illegal narcotic under any of these definitions is illegal.
  • Actual possession – This usually means the drug was found on the arrestee’s person (in their coat or purse, or even in a body cavity).
  • Constructive possession – This means the drugs/fake prescriptions were not found on the arrestee’s person but were discovered in a location over which he/she exercises control.
  • Joint possession – Occurs when the arrestee and at least one other person share either actual or constructive possession. This could be actual (a shared needle) or constructive (where the drugs are found at a specific place controlled by the people involved).
  • Sufficient Drug Quantity for Use – When arrestees have enough of the drug to use as a controlled substance.

These charges fall under “Prescription Fraud Crimes” in California Prescription Fraud Charges  – Health and Safety Code 11350-11356.5

Bail Amounts for Receiving Prescription Fraud Charges

In California, bail amounts are set according to each California County’s Bail Schedule so they will vary.  A judge can also set bail at or above the amount, or even refuse bail in some arrests, particularly for repeat offenders.  If you are in doubt about the bail amount, please contact SCV Bail Bonds.  We can tell you exactly how much the bail amount will be in your particular case and if it’s a Federal or State charge.

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