If someone you know or love has been arrested and taken into custody in Moorpark, CA., and you’re looking to bail them out, look no further. A knowledgeable, licensed bail bondsman is ready to take your call and answer any questions you may have 24/7.

Moorpark is located in Ventura County, California. Interestingly, Moorpark was the first city in the United States to run off of nuclear power, and one of the first in the entire world.

An expert bondsman is standing by to answer any Moorpark bail bond questions and get the bail process started today, so the one you care for can be out of jail, tonight.

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Moorpark Sheriff’s Station and Jail Information

Moorpark Sheriff’s Station
610 Spring Road
Moorpark, CA 93021
Phone: 805-532-2700
Moorpark Bail Bond Info: 805-874-2245

Moorpark’s law enforcement needs are seen to by the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department. Defendants who are arrested and taken into custody in Moorpark are taken to the police station for booking and processing, with a possible transfer to the Ventura County Jail if bail is not posted or they are not eligible.

Booking and processing is the procedure in which photographs and fingerprints are taken, and a background check is conducted. Upon completion of the background check, bail is posted for those who are eligible.

If a bail bond is not acquired quickly, inmates can usually expect to be transferred to a larger facility, in which another processing procedure must take place. This can add an additional 12-24 hours in custody, therefore it is best to begin the bail bond application process as quickly as possible.

Starting the Bail Bond Process

To begin the bail bond process, give us a call and provide the name, birth date, time and date of arrest for the inmate in question.

It is important that the information be as accurate as possible so as to avoid any potential mishaps in locating the inmate. It can greatly expedite the application process to have all of this information ready beforehand, however, if not all of it is readily available we are always happy to assist in locating all of the information in order to bail your friend or loved one out of jail.

Court Instructions

Once an inmate has been bailed out of jail, it is of paramount importance that they do not miss any appointed court dates. Missing one or more court dates will more than likely result in a failure to appear notice and an arrest warrant being issued for the defendant. However, in many cases a missed court date is simply a mistake and a phone call to our bail company can correct it and avoid the possible penalties.

Response to Fit Your Needs

You can depend on us at SCV Bail Bonds when you’re in need of one (or more) Moorpark Bail Bonds in Ventura. Our staff is well-trained to process most bonds via fax or email to quickly get you approved and see your friend or loved one out of custody. For added convenience, you can complete the bail bond process from start to finish without ever leaving your home. We are well-equipped to service you from anywhere in California, or even nationwide.

For additional information on Moorpark Bail Bonds in Ventura, or to get the application process started immediately, please call SCV Bail Bonds at 805-874-2245 or toll-free at 877-422-4591. We know this is a stressful time, and we’re here to help you day or night, 365 days a year.