If your friend or loved one has been arrested in the area of the L.A.P.D Newton Community Police Station, call us 24 hours a day for professional bail assistance.

The Newton station does not have an actual on-site jail facility there, so once a defendant has been processed and booked they will most likely be taken to the Parker Center Jail /(Metro Center) on Temple Street in downtown Los Angeles if they are men, or the 77th District Jail if they are women.

At SCV Bail Bonds, we can still start the bail process by quickly sending you the paperwork necessary to post a bond. If someone you know calls you from the Newton Police Station, or any jail in California seeking your help, you can call us any time of the night or day.

Our application only takes minutes to fill out  and we offer an easy bail by email or fax option. We accept cash, personal/business checks and credit cards. Further, we can set up an easy payment plan with your good credit or home-ownership. Our consultation is always free and we are open 24/7.

Call SCV Bail Bonds at 877-422-4591, for additional booking or charge information for L.A.P.D. Newton Station Bail Bonds.

L.A.P.D. Newton Community Police Station and Jail Information  

L.A.P.D Newton Community Police Station
3400 South Central Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90011
Main: 323-846-6547

The officers of the LAPD Newton Police Station patrol an area roughly nine miles in size and which encompasses the Fashion District, Pueblo Del Rio, Produce/North-End Business District, and South Park-Entertainment communities.

The Newton Division Police Station can be found on South Central Avenue in Los Angeles. It’s general daily operation is supervised by the L.A.P.D’s Central Bureau.

Booking Process

There is a process that must be completed before a bondsman can post a bail bond for a defendant, and this process is known as “Booking.”

First, the jailer conducts an inventory of the arrestee’s belongings and may complete a body search.

Then, the arrestee is fingerprinted or “Live Scanned” and a computerized background check is run to make sure there aren’t any outstanding warrants or possible parole/probation violations.

The results for the criminal background / warrant check must be completed before a bail bond agent can be allowed to post bail. Some jails allow arrestees to make phone calls prior to being assigned to a cell; other jails have phones within cells.

In general, the booking process can take from 2 to 4 hours hours to complete, depending on how busy the jail is and the defendant’s individual circumstances.

Once they are booked and processed into the system, they will either be released from jail on bail bond, or they will be held until their arraignment (first court date) if no bail has been posted.

Arraignment and Release Process

An arraignment must legally take place within two business days of arrest. For example, if the defendant is arrested on Thursday night, they would be arraigned on the following Monday.

There are several jail release options, which may depend on the nature of the defense.

In California, these are: Bail Bonds, Own Recognizance (“O.R.”), Citation Release (“Cite Out”), Property Bonds and Cash Bonds.

You can read more about the various jail release options on our informative web page.

At SCV Bail Bonds, we can help at the Newton Station and at all California Jails – fast. Please call us locally at 213-373-5245 or our toll-free number 877-422-4591  or (877 4 BAIL 911.)

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