CRDF Lynwood Station JailWhen someone you care for has been arrested and transported to the Lynwood Station Jail, we can help answer any questions about their charge and booking details. We’ll work for the fastest release possible and get the  paperwork in your hands quickly by fax, email or delivered personally by a licensed, professional agent.

The Lynwood Jail, also known as Century Regional Detention Facility, AKA, (C.R.D.F). is Los Angeles County’s main women’s jail.

There has been a lot of press surrounding the Lynwood Jail in Los Angeles. With all the hoopla about Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Heidi Fleiss it seems to be a celebrity jail reserved for the rich and famous. However, if someone you care for has been arrested and jailed at Lynwood, we’ll work just as fast as if they were a celebrity.

Call one of our compassionate bail agents today locally at (213) 373-JAIL (5245) or toll-free at 877-422-4591 and have your friend, family member or loved one out of the Lynwood jail tonight.

Lynwood Jail (CRDF) and Visiting Information

Century Station Jail / Lynwood Jail 
11705 South Alameda Street
Lynwood, CA 90262
Main: 323-568-4800
Inmate Info. 213-473-6080
Additional jail information (213) 473-6075
24 Hour Lynwood Jail Bail Bond Information: (213) 373-5245
Lynwood Inmate Information 

The Century Regional Detention Facility, also known as CRDF, Century Station Jail, or its most popular name, Lynwood jail is a busy facility located in Los Angeles County. When a woman has been arrested in L.A. County, after a certain amount of time, she will very likely be transported to this facility.

There were two rehabilitation programs being held at CRDF/Lynwood. However, they have been relocated to North Pitchess Detention Center. CRDF will continue to provide a booking center for Century Station, Compton Sheriff’s Station and for all female prisoners.

If you are planning to visit someone at Lynwood, it is best to adhere to all visitation rules and regulations, prior to your visit.

Booking Information

The booking of an inmate generally consists of fingerprinting, photographs or mug shots, a background/warrant check, a DNA swab and the inputting of their personal information into the jail’s computer system. This is conducted so their information can later be cross-referenced and utilized if they are ever arrested again. During the booking process time, arrestees cannot access their money, credit cards, cell phones, etc.

Paying for a Bond at Lynwood Jail

In California, the cost of a bail bond is set at 10% of the total bail amount. So, if the total amount of bail is $15,000, then the cost of a bail bond will be $1,500.

To pay for a bond we do accept cash, all major credit cards, personal and business checks and direct deposit. In many cases, we may not need collateral and can do what is called a “signature bond.” Additionally, with good credit or home-ownership, we can offer a flexible payment plan when qualified. We’ll do our best to make paying for the bond easy on your family.

Our licensed agents are available 24/7 to answer your most pressing questions. And, it’s great to know our consultations are offered at absolutely no cost to you.

Call a caring, licensed professional for all of your bail needs for the Lynwood Jail at (213) 373-JAIL (5245) or, toll-free 877-422-4591. We’ll help answer your questions professionally and confidentially.