If a friend, family member or loved one has been arrested at Six Flags –  Magic Mountain, Hurricane Harbor or anywhere in nearby Santa Clarita Valley, please contact a licensed SCV Bail Bonds agent who can walk you through the bail process and work quickly for their release.

Like any other major amusement park, both Magic Mountain and Hurricane Harbor have had their share of squabbles or people who’ve had a bit too much imbibing. When incidents like these or others occur, it is the Santa Clarita Sheriff’s Department that handles any arrests.

Call us locally at 661-299-2245 or from anywhere, toll-free at 877-224-5266 for immediate assistance for anyone arrested at Magic Mountain or Hurricane Harbor in Santa Clarita.

Santa Clarita Sheriff’s Station Information

Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff Station
26201 Golden Valley Road
Santa Clarita, CA 91350
Station/Jail: (661) 260-4000
24 Hour Magic Mountain Bail Bond Info: 661-299-2245
Santa Clarita Inmate Information

The Santa Clarita Jail is a small, efficient facility that books people into the system quickly. What do we mean by booking? This is a procedure that consists of fingerprinting an arrestee, running a warrant and background check, and then getting their personal information into the computer system. The arrestee is put in a holding cell – without any of their personal belongings.

Some jails, especially smaller jails like the one in Santa Clarita can complete the entire booking process in under an hour. Larger facilities take several. So the key to securing the fastest release for your friend or loved one is to get them bailed out of a smaller jail before they can be transferred to the larger one.

That’s where SCV Bail Bonds can help you. We are open around the clock and we are local to the Santa Clarita jail. We also believe getting someone bailed out there doesn’t have to feel like a roller coaster ride that never ends.

Bail Bond Process 

Our bail bondsmen are licensed, experienced and most of all, compassionate. We can walk you through the bail bond process quickly and fax or email you our simple application, or we can deliver it in person. If you prefer, you can even meet us at our office during any time of the day or night. And, we can set up a comfortable payment plan. Just give us a call.

If someone you know has been arrested at Magic Mountain or Hurricane Harbor, an SCV bail bondsman is ready to help you 24/7, weekends and holidays included.

Please call SCV Bail Bonds, locally at 661-299-BAIL (2245) or toll-free 877-422-4591 for immediate bail information for an arrest at Magic Mountain. We’ll work quickly for you.