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Felonies, Misdemeanors and Infractions

If you ask a staffer at a jail facility about someone who has been arrested, they may give you the penal codes and charge numbers, along with the level of the defendant's alleged crime, such as: Felony, Misdemeanor or Infraction. Some arrestees can have more than one charge and one level. But what does this [...]

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Santa Clarita Bail Bonds: California Penal Code 132 PC

Most of us are well-aware that using fake or false evidence in a California Court proceeding is a bad idea. Even if you know the person is guilty, but there just isn't the right type of evidence to prove it in a court of law, making or providing false evidence can not only lead to the [...]

Santa Clarita Bail Bonds: October is Domestic Violence Month

October is domestic violence month; a month set aside to raise awareness of domestic violence and to commemorate its victims. The Domestic Violence Center of Santa Clarita held its 4th Annual Purple Walk of Strength this month, an event in which over 200 people showed up to raise money for the center and support victims. [...]

Santa Clarita Bail Bonds: Man Charged in Drone Incident with LAPD

The government has been using drones for warfare and surveillance for years, and recently the public has gotten in on the action. Drones, or pilot-less aircraft, have been seen over major sports events, neighborhoods, protests and rallies all over the country. The public has been uneasy, at best, at the rise of drone use over [...]

Your Rights as an Arrestee

Being arrested can be a scary event. Typically, when someone is arrested, they are generally read their Miranda Rights by a law enforcement officer. The Miranda Warning / Rights are essentially a warning to those who are being arrested that they don't have to say anything. This warning not only assists in keeping arrestees from incriminating [...]

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Santa Clarita Bail Bonds: Dangers of Heatwaves

Early in the morning this Wednesday, August 26, a heat alert was issued for the San Fernando Valley, the San Gabriel Valley, the Santa Clarita Valley and parts of the LA Basin. The alert isn't set to expire until Friday, August 28th and until that time, dangerously high temperatures will require that folks take extra [...]

Pilot Program Announced to Reduce Los Angeles Recidivism

Recidivism is the term used to describe the behavior of repeatedly committing crimes and it's a big problem here in Los Angeles County. For years, law enforcement officials have struggled with the problem of overcrowded prisons and jails all over the state. Thanks to the passing of Prop 47, the measure that reduced many felony-level [...]

Money Laundering Charges

California Penal Code 186.10 PC and California Health and Safety Code 11370.9 HS In a nut-shell, money laundering is the process in which someone takes money earned from illegal means and channels it through a legitimate business in order to obscure its source. The State of California, though, has a very broad definition on the [...]

Embezzlement Charges

California Penal Code 503 PC - Bail Bonds for Embezzlement Charges Embezzlement is covered under California Penal Code 503 PC and it basically states that embezzlement is the fraudulent taking of something that belongs to someone else which has been entrusted to you. Most people have probably seen cases of embezzlement in movies and television where [...]

Alleged Blowtorch Wielding Serial Robber Arrested in Glendale

Jermaile Hairston, a 41-year-old resident of Glendale was charged with three counts of second-degree robbery after allegedly using a blowtorch and tazer to rob liquor stores in Glendale, Carson and Long Beach over the course of two days. When entering the stores, Hairston allegedly threatened to "kill everyone inside," if the clerk didn't hand over [...]