Can You Get Out of Jail Without Santa Clarita Bail Bonds?

Finding out a friend or loved one is in jail is never easy, and it usually sparks a lot of concern. Are they okay? How do you get them out? Do you need a bail bond? Getting Someone Out of Jail To understand how to get someone out of jail without Santa Clarita bail bonds, [...]

How Much Is Bail for Robbery?

Robbery is covered under California Penal Code 211 PC. It is described as "the felonious taking of personal property in the possession of another, from their person or immediate presence, and against their will, accomplished by means of force or fear." To rob someone is to take personal property from them that doesn't belong to [...]

How Long Before Release After Posting Bail?

Our clients frequently ask us "how long does it take to get out of jail after posting bail?" and it isn't the easiest question to answer. Generally, once bail has been posted, the defendant will be released once they are processed out of their current location. But, just how long that takes depends a lot [...]

California Bail Under Assault Again

Lawmakers in the California State Senate have passed legislation to release nearly all defendants from custody by creating the "absolute right" to bail - even for dangerous defendants. Defendants facing charges for serious crimes would be released from jail should the new legislation pass. Some of those charges include: Domestic violence Felony sexual assault on [...]

Can You Find Bail Amounts Online?

Finding out that a friend or loved one has been arrested and taken into custody in Santa Clarita can be a frustrating and nerve-wracking experience. Especially when you're unable to talk to them. If you can't talk to them, how are you supposed to bail them out? Luckily, it's possible to find their bail amount [...]

Santa Clarita Spousal Assault Suspect Arrested

A 35-year-old man from Santa Clarita was recently arrested on charges including inflicting corporal injury on a cohabitant, grand theft, violating several previous domestic violence court orders and dissuading a witness. According to reports, the incident started at around 6:10 pm when the victim saw the suspect show up at her residence. When she tried [...]

Expired Registration Leads to Arrest

On July 6, a man was arrested in Santa Clarita on suspicion of possession of narcotics and stolen property (catalytic converters). The incident began like many others in the SCV - patrolling deputies spotted a vehicle with expired registration. After searching both the man and his vehicle, they discovered methamphetamine, two stolen catalytic converters, and [...]

Newhall Jimmy Dean’s Burglarized

In the early morning hours of Tuesday, June 21st, the Jimmy Dean's on the corner of Lyons Ave and Kansas Street in Newhall is believed to have been burglarized. According to reports, deputies received a call at about one in the morning regarding the incident. The early reports indicated that the suspects broke a window [...]