Prop 47 In Republican Crosshairs

An initiative qualified for the ballot last Tuesday that would roll back parts of the controversial Prop 47, approved in 2014, to address jail overcrowding. Back then California was dealing with dangerously overcrowded prisons and jails with no idea how to reduce it. Then the California State Government came up with Proposition 47, a law [...]

What Is A Bail Hearing?

When a defendant is arrested and taken into custody, they go through a procedure known as booking and processing. It includes taking the arrestee’s photo, recording their fingerprints, conducting a comprehensive national background check to look for any warrants, and more. The final step in the process is to set bail for those who are [...]

Do Bail Agents Make Arrests?

Television shows like Dog the Bounty Hunter often show bail agents tracking down suspects and making arrests. Bail agents can technically arrest someone, but only certain individuals under very specific circumstances can be arrested by a bail bondsman. When Bail Agents Can Arrest People A bail agent may deal with any number of people who [...]

Robbery vs. Burglary – What Is the Difference?

Burglary and robbery are often used interchangeably by members of the public because both crimes deal with someone stealing something. However, they're two different offenses and can only be charged when the specific criteria are met. Burglary Burglary is charged when someone enters a building with the intention of committing a felony or a theft [...]

What Are Exonerated Bail Bonds?

The termination of the obligation of bail is known as "exoneration." Once the court case has been resolved, whether the defendant is found innocent or guilty, the person who co-signed the bail bond and/or the bail bondsman are no longer financially responsible for the former defendant's bail and is entitled to receive their deposit back. [...]

Common Collateral Types Used for Bail Bonds

Bail is mandated by the US Constitution to not be "excessive," which means that the sate cannot set your bail so high that it's impossible to get bailed out. By-and-large this is a good thing, but words like "excessive" and "expensive" are subjective, and some people still have trouble paying their bail bond amount. Whether [...]

Strange California Laws

There are a lot of laws on the books to keep society orderly and safe. Some laws make sense, such as those that prohibit assault, theft, vandalism, and others. However, there are some laws on the books whose meanings are lost to time. Here are a few of those weird laws. It is Illegal for [...]

Theft Group Possibly Responsible for Recent Burglaries

Residential burglaries are happening more and more frequently throughout Southern California, and residents are getting anxious. Over the past months, law enforcement has struggled to identify, let alone apprehend, suspects related to most of the burglaries and now they think they know why. According to law enforcement, many of the recent burglaries might be due [...]