Bail Bonds in Glendora

If the reason you’ve landed on this page is because a friend or loved one has been arrested and taken into custody in the city of Glendora, and you’re looking to bail them out of jail fast, then you’ve come to the right place.

We at SCV Bail Bonds have years of experience in the bail industry and can quickly and easily navigate the system to help you locate your friend or loved one and begin the process of getting them released. We have extensive experience in the San Gabriel Valley and can work with you quickly and efficiently.

If you have questions you need answered, or would like to get the bail bond process started immediately in Glendora, feel free to give us a toll-free call at 877-422-4591. Our offices are open 24/7 and a bail bondsman is always available to you.

Glendora Police Station and Jail Information

Glendora Police Station
150 S Glendora Ave
Glendora, CA 91741
Phone 626-914-8250
24-Hour Glendora Jail Bail Bond Info 855-414-2245
LASD Inmate Locator

The city of Glendora has its own police force, and when they make an arrest, the arrestee will be taken immediately to the Glendora Police Station to undergo booking and processing. Once completed, the inmate will likely be held at the Glendora jail, but only for a short period of time.

The on-site jail isn’t very big, and isn’t designed for the long-term housing of inmates. So, if it starts to get crowded, or if an inmate is going to be spending more than a couple days in custody, it is highly likely that he or she will be transferred to one of the larger facilities in downtown Los Angeles. Men are usually taken to Twin Towers, while women will be taken to the Lynwood Jail.

It’s possible to bail an inmate out from either of these two locations, but keep in mind that they are much bigger and therefore much busier. When transfer occurs, it will often add anywhere from 12-24 hours to an inmate’s time in custody (sometimes even longer) as he or she is “processed in” to the new facility. As such, it’s usually best to get the bail bond application process started as quickly as possible so the transfer process can be avoided.

Arrest and Booking Process

When an arrestee first arrives at the police station, he or she will be booked and processed into the system. This process includes recording the arrestee’s fingerprints, taking their photograph and conducting a national background check. Once this has been completed, bail will be set per the County Bail Schedule, if the inmate is eligible, and it will be possible to be released via bail bond.

The Bail Bond Process

When you work with us, the bail bond application process is as short and simple as it can possibly be. It starts by calling and providing us with the name, birth date and date and time of arrest of the inmate. The bail bondsman will use this information to locate him or her within the system and verify their eligibility for bail. Once that’s complete, we will have you fill out the short, simple bail bond application forms and indemnitor’s agreement and we’ll provide you with a receipt. After that, we dispatch one of our agents to the jail and your friend or loved one will be released a little while after.

If you aren’t in the immediate area, or are unable to meet with us in person for any reason, the entire bail bond application process can be completed via phone, fax or email. Our goal is to streamline the process as much as possible; after all, dealing with a friend or loved one being arrested is stressful enough without also having to worry about meeting with the bail bondsman.

The Cost of a Bail Bond

In California, the cost of a bail bond is set at 10% of the total bail amount. So, if the total amount of bail is $15,000, then the cost of a bail bond will be $1,500. We include no additional charges, fees or interest when you work with us.

Paying for a bail bond is simple, and we accept a variety of payment options which include major credt/debit cards (Visa, American Express, Master Card and Discover) as well as cash, check, money order, bank account transfer or money wire. Additionally, if you would like to finance your bail bond, we provide a number of flexible payment plans that are designed to fit most any budget. Again, there will be no interest charged if you choose the financing option.

If you would like more information regarding Glendora bail bonds, call and speak directly with a bail bondsman any time of day or night at 877-422-4591. We’re here around the clock to help you out.