First and foremost, they can get home to the people who need them most. And, they can continue with their daily routine, as opposed to languishing in jail which means;  missing work, missing school or not being there for their families and/or children.

The court date which follows a person’s arrest is the next step in both the criminal justice and the bail bond process.

Bailing someone out of jail provides the arrestee with more time to search for an attorney and build a legal team for their defense if desired.

Having the time needed to prepare for a defense is important. Further, attending court in a nice suit, rather than an orange jumpsuit is a better image to have all around.

We’re available to answer any question about the booking, charges and bail of a defendant. If you’re thinking about bailing someone out, read more on our page about Signing a Bail Bond Contract or call us a 877-422-4591 anytime, day or night.