If you need a bail bond in Encino, obtaining one is probably a lot easier than you think. Do you know someone who has been arrested and taken into custody in Encino by the LAPD? A friend or family member perhaps? If so, you will probably want to get them out of jail as quickly as possible.

Our staff of licensed, experienced bail bondsman will guide you step by step through the bail bond process and ensure that you have a complete understanding of not only the process and what to expect, but your responsibilities as well.

If you’ve never been through the bail bonds process before, it’s probably a very stressful time for you. Know that we can help you with everything from locating your friend or loved one, to applying for the bail bond that will get them released quickly.

An SCV Bail Bondsman is on standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you’re in need of a bail bond in Encino or anywhere in the San Fernando Valley, we can get you started right now. Call us locally, 818-900-BAIL (2245) or 877-4 BAIL 911.

Encino Police Station Information

LAPD West Valley Community Police Station
19020 West Vanowen Street
Reseda, CA 91335
Voice: 818-374-7611
TDD/TTY: 818-705-1566
Encino Bail Bonds Information: 818-900-BAIL (2245)

The West Valley Community Police Station serves the areas of Encino, Tarzana, Lake Balboa, Northridge and Reseda. The jail there is small and houses few inmates. After a short period of time, male inmates are often transferred to either Van Nuys jail or Twin Towers jail in downtown Los Angeles.

A bail bondsman is equipped to handle your bail application process via telephone, email or by fax; so no matter where your friend or loved one is located, we have the ability to provide the bail bond that will get them out as quickly as possible.

How Bail Works

There are several different options for release from jail in the State of California. These options include: bail bonds, O.R. (own recognizance), citation release, cash bonds and property bonds. Only after booking and processing takes place will an arrestee be eligible for release.

Booking and Processing

Booking and processing is the procedure in which fingerprints and mug shots are taken, paperwork is filed, and a background check on the inmate is completed.

The background check is to search for any outstanding warrants, parole holds, immigration holds, or criteria that may influence the amount at which bail is set or, if bail will be an option at all.

Booking and processing generally takes anywhere from 2-4 hours, and once complete, bail is set and release can be obtained. If bail is available, the inmate can be released from the jail once the paperwork has been completed and the premium has been paid for.

However, if the bond process is not started quickly enough, defendants will often be transferred to a larger, County jail and a new booking and processing procedure will begin.

This often results in an increase in the amount of time spent in custody. However, getting the bail bond application process started quickly can help to avoid this transfer process.

Payment Options

SCV Bail Bonds accepts all major credit cards and debit cards including: American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Discover. It is also possible to pay for a bail bond by cash, check, money order, bank wire transfer, or account transfer.

And to make things easier on you and your family, we offer flexible payment plans to accommodate any budget. Just talk to one of our agents to find out all of the details.

Acquiring a bail bond is not as difficult as it might seem and our staff here at SCV Bail Bonds is committed to providing you with fast, friendly, discreet service.

Trust our licensed bondsman to take care of your needs in this trying time. For additional information for Encino or  San Fernando Valley bail bonds, call us locally at, 818-900-BAIL (2245) or toll-free, nationwide at, 877-422-4591.

We’re in this to help you with care, integrity and expertise.