Tax Evasion Charge Bail Bonds

California Penal Revenue and Tax Evasion Charges 

Have you, or someone you know – perhaps a friend or loved one, been arrested for tax fraud or evasion? If so, you owe it to them to call our bail bond agency for a free consultation.

We can assess the charges and provide you with the best advice on how to bail them out. Some are charged with either criminal/State or Federal charges. Please allow us to offer you our experienced assistance.

We have discovered that the longer one postpones getting bailed out for this type of charge, the less time they will have to consult a criminal attorney, tax attorney and/or an accountant. This could drastically affect the outcome of their situation. If bail is available to them, we can quickly inform you.

What is Tax Evasion?

Tax evasion is the act of avoiding paying your taxes or making limited payments through illegal ways.  Filing a false tax return and/or false documents, failure to collect employment or sales taxes, failure to pay taxes, and failing to file a tax return. (California Revenue and Taxation Code Section 19705(a) and Section 19706) are just some of the ways this crime is committed.

Convicting people for tax evasion, dates all the way back to the 1920s, when federal agents arrested gangster Al Capone for these crimes. Capone managed to dodge prison for all his other criminal activities, so they used tax evasion charges to finally incarcerate him.

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Overview of Tax Evasion Charges

Tax Evasion is often perceived as a “white collar crime,” but what that really means is the defendant misled the IRS by failing to file their tax returns in a timely manner, or by providing false information about their income.

When the defendant supplied this information it must be proven that he or she knew it. The defendant must also have acted voluntarily, with the intent to violate their legal duty to pay taxes. Any investigation into these types of cases is undertaken by the enforcement arm of the Franchise Tax Board and defendants are prosecuted by the District Attorney’s office.

Did you know that even if someone else, like an accountant, did your taxes for you, you are still responsible?

Anyone who willfully files False Tax Returns can be charged with a felony or misdemeanor:

  • If an arrestee receives a misdemeanor, they usually won’t have to serve more than 1 year in the county jail.
  • If it’s a felony, however, they can be charged with up to 3 years in the state prison for each separate violation, depending on how steep those violations may be.

A defendant charged with this crime will be prohibited from owning a firearm for life. Even worse, they could lose their property if they are found guilty!

These charges fall under “Tax Evasion” in California Penal Revenue and Tax Evasion Charges Code 19701-19722

Bail Amounts for Tax Evasion Charges

In California, bail amounts are set according to each California County’s Bail Schedule so they will vary. A judge can also set bail at or above the amount, or even refuse bail in some arrests, particularly for repeat offenders.

If you are in doubt about the bail amount, please contact SCV Bail Bonds. We know bail amounts differ in various counties, so we can give you solid information about how much the bail will be in your particular case.

Bail Bonds For Tax Evasion Charges in California

After an arrestee suspected of Tax Evasion has been incarcerated, they may still qualify for a release from jail by posting a bail bond (or they will be held until arraignment if no bail is posted). Court arraignments must happen by law, within two business days. For example, if the defendant is arrested Thursday night, they wouldn’t be arraigned on the following Monday morning.

At SCV Bail Bonds, we offer flexible payment options and experienced, licensed bail bond agents who can discuss each defendant’s unique situation and budgetary needs. We also take most credit cards  to pay for the bond; cash, direct deposit and checks (upon prior approval).

We are accredited members of the Better Business Bureau, CBAA (California Bail Agents Association) and PBUS (Professional Bail Agents of the United States). If you wish to see why choosing us can really make a difference in how fast a defendant gets released from jail, please visit our bail articles and information page or give us a call. You will always speak to a live bondsman – never a machine. Best of all, our consultations are free.

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