According to a post on the SCV Sheriff Station’s Facebook page, deputies investigated reports about an unconscious man in a vehicle. Upon reaching out to the man, deputies discovered drugs and narcotics paraphernalia in plain sight. The full post reads:

“On Saturday morning, concerned citizens contacted the station about ‘an unconscious man’ they saw in a vehicle parked on the 26400 block of Carl Boyer Drive in Canyon Country.

Deputies quickly responded to the reported medical emergency, and saw that the man in his 30’s appeared to be sleeping. A deputy knocked on the window to see if the man was okay. He opened his eyes, but seemed very dazed – showing symptoms of being under the influence of narcotics.

When the man opened his door to talk, the deputy observed narcotics paraphernalia in plain sight. There was also heroin, methamphetamine and a weapon (baton) found in the vehicle. Deputies arrested the 33-year-old Tujunga man on felony weapons charges and multiple narcotics charges.

To the citizens who called – thanks for keeping an eye out. If something doesn’t seem right, most likely it isn’t…”

In this case, a report made by a concerned citizen led to criminal charges and an arrest, but that isn’t always what happens. Sometimes people actually do need help, and it’s nice for the community to come together and get them the assistance that they need.

Robin Sandoval
Robin Sandoval is a California Licensed Bail Bondsman and owner of SCV Bail Bonds. Robin writes blogs and articles to help increase community awareness of the bail industry. If you have questions or want to suggest a topic, email, visit or call 661-299-2245.
Robin Sandoval
Robin Sandoval