The crime of breaking into cars to steal valuables has probably been around about as long as vehicles themselves have existed. It’s a quick, easy way for an opportunistic thief to come up on items they can either keep and use themselves or sell to others for a few fast dollars. According to a Santa Clarita Sheriff Station Facebook post, the crime is on the rise both in the SCV as well as across the country.

#WednesdayWisdom: The importance of doing the #9PMRoutine. Thefts from vehicles are a problem nationwide, and SCV is no exception. It’s a hard concept to fathom, but remember there are crooked people out there who get up in the morning, and think their number one job is to go out and steal things so that they can buy their drugs to feed addictions. They will take anything from your vehicles, including loose change. Some make their living by collecting change from ashtrays and cup holders while you sleep. We cannot stress enough the importance of removing items from your car, leaving nothing visible. The #9PMRoutine is all about removing valuables from your car, locking doors, and making sure your garage and exterior house doors are secured before you go to bed for the night.”

The advice offered in the post above is solid; if there’s nothing clearly visible worth stealing in your vehicle, you’re far less likely to be victimized by thieves.