A large group of police officers from different departments are banding together to hold a 17-day DUI crackdown across Los Angeles County, starting from the weekend before Christmas and continuing through New Years Weekend. The crackdown will consist of 38 separate checkpoints and 54 saturation patrols which will be dispatched in high-risk areas in an attempt to increase police presence on the streets and catch those who choose to drive under the influence of alcohol.

On Sunday, December 20, DUI checkpoints will be held in the area of Huntington Park and the LAPD’s downtown area.

On Monday, December 21st, there will be a DUI checkpoint in the LAPD’s Rampart Division (west and northwest of downtown).

Additionally, the CHP will enact their holiday Maximum Enforcement Period beginning Christmas Eve which will continue on for the remainder of the crackdown (through New Years Weekend)

DUI checkpoints and saturation patrols have been a proven method to reduce the likelihood of DUI and drug-related collisions and deaths on California’s roads and highways. Announcing the checkpoints ahead of time, without announcing the exact locations, serves as a warning to those who would choose to drive under the influence that law enforcement will be increasing their vigilance during these periods and in these areas.

Drivers are expected to be interrupted only briefly, and officers manning the checkpoints are specially trained to look for signs of impaired driving – whether that impairment be due to drugs or alcohol.

While it’s safe to say that there’s a zero-tolerance policy in effect all-year-round, those who are stopped under suspicion of DUI during this crackdown and found to be driving while impaired – however slight their impairment may be – can expect to be arrested, and will likely have their vehicles impounded.

If you choose to enjoy alcohol this holiday season, or any other time, remember to do so responsibly and always ensure that you have a safe ride home.

Robin Sandoval
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Robin Sandoval
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