Paparazzo: Photo credit, SCV Bail BondsEn route to a waiting automobile at LAX, Kanye West allegedly assaulted a paparazzo who angered the rapper by speaking to him. According to LAPD reports, West was exiting the airport on the way to his waiting car when a paparazzo who was snapping pictures of the star also began to ask him questions.

The entire incident was caught on video, with one point of the film showing West responding to the photographer’s questions with: “You’re trying to get me in trouble so I have to pay you, like, $250,000.” After that, Kanye lunged at the paparazzo and a scuffle ensued.

According to sources close to West, the rapper “Hates it when paparazzi speak to him.” West initially attempted to remain silent and keep his cool during the encounter, but appeared to lose it after the barrage of questions set him off.

After the incident, paramedics arrived on scene and escorted the photographer to a nearby hospital to undergo medical evaluation. Police Sergeant Belinda L. Nettles is quoted to have said that a police report was filled out and the investigation is ongoing. As for now, the police will refer the case to the D.A. as an attempted felony robbery, on the part of West, as opposed to the lighter charge of battery.

At the moment, the investigation is ongoing and it is not yet clear whether or not the felony-level charge of attempted robbery or that of misdemeanor battery will be pursued by the District Attorney’s office.