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Drunken Canyon Country Man Charged After Party

In the early morning hours of Saturday, May 9th, a Canyon Country man was arrested under suspicion of assault and false imprisonment after he returned home from a party intoxicated and abused his relatives. According to reports, deputies responded to a domestic violence call at about 2:45 am on Gravett Place in Canyon Country when [...]

Man Arrested for Drinking in Public and Resisting Arrest

On Friday, March 20th, a 27-year-old Canyon Country man was arrested and booked on misdemeanor charges including drinking in public and resisting arrest. It all started when deputies received calls reporting a traffic hazard near Sierra Hwy and Vasquez Canyon Rd. Deputies were told that there was a man in the road causing cars to [...]

LASD Pursuit Ends in Newhall Pass

On Thursday, March 5th, the pursuit of an allegedly stolen vehicle ended in Newhall Pass with the suspect's arrest. According to reports, the pursuit began in Palmdale over an allegedly stolen vehicle. The pursuit continued from Palmdale through Agua Dulce and eventually the Santa Clarita Valley, where it came to an end in the Newhall [...]

Newhall GTA Suspect Arrested

On Friday, January 31st, deputies from the Santa Clarita Sheriff Station arrested someone after receiving reports of a stolen vehicle in Newhall. The arrest began when SCV Sheriff Staiton deputies began following a vehicle that fit the description of the one that was stolen. After several minutes, the deputies conducted a traffic stop near the [...]

SCV Sheriff Station Report -Lock Up

Recently, SCV deputies were called to the scene of a traffic accident that reportedly involved a stolen vehicle. According to their Facebook page: "Lock up & don’t leave cars idling to prevent ‘crimes of opportunity.’ On Thursday night, the owner of a Corvette left it unattended while idling, and an unknown suspect grabbed the opportunity [...]

What is a Bench Warrant?

Recently, a bench warrant was issued for a defendant who failed to appear in court to face allegations he shot and killed his dog. The defendant, C. R. Nard, 57, was supposed to have appeared in San Fernando Superior Court on Wednesday, October 30th, but failed to do so. The charges Nard is facing include [...]

Two Women Arrested for Theft at Magic Mountain

Recently, two women were arrested on suspicion of theft at Magic Mountain after allegedly stealing from other visitors. According to reports, deputies were called to the park by employees after they observed the alleged thefts occur. The employees observed the two suspects, both 19-year-old females, taking iPhones, wallets, and purses left near a rollercoaster. When [...]

SCV Sheriff Station Report – Narcotics Arrest Made

According to a post on the SCV Sheriff Station's Facebook page, deputies investigated reports about an unconscious man in a vehicle. Upon reaching out to the man, deputies discovered drugs and narcotics paraphernalia in plain sight. The full post reads: "On Saturday morning, concerned citizens contacted the station about ‘an unconscious man’ they saw in [...]

Santa Clarita Sheriff Station Report – Textbook Scam Warning

Email scams are nothing new. From Nigerian princes looking for a few thousand dollars to save their kingdom to fake police calling about fake warrants, it seems like nobody is safe from a scammer looking to put one over on them. Apparently, a new scam is making its rounds, this time targeting first-time college students. [...]

Pepper Spray – When Can You Carry it?

In the late afternoon of Saturday, July 27, deputies working out of the SCV Sheriff Station were patrolling parking lots when they discovered a man lounging on a couch near a dumpster. The deputies recognized the individual as a man that business owners had previously complained about trespassing. When the deputies approached the man, they [...]