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YouTuber Calum McSwiggan Charged with Filing a False Report

Calum McSwiggan, a YouTuber who runs a channel involved with LGBT issues, was arrested Wednesday June 29th and charged with filing a false police report. According to police, McSwiggan called to report an alleged assault early Monday morning that took place outside a popular West Hollywood bar. McSwiggan stated that one individual punched him, while [...]

Charlie Sheen Being Investigated

This month sees Charlie Sheen being investigated for making criminal threats toward his ex-girlfriend Scottie Ross, and possibly for not disclosing his HIV-positive status prior to engaging in sexual intercourse with her. Ross filed a report in Van Nuys last week alleging that Sheen made criminal threats toward her and was granted an emergency restraining [...]

Man Faces Stalking Charges in Malibu

A 19-year-old man was arrested after being discovered in the Malibu home of singer Lana Del Rey. According to reports, the man was seen entering the singer's home by construction workers as it was undergoing renovations. The workers quickly called police, but the suspect had fled before they arrived. After searching the premises, LASD deputies [...]

The Game Arrested for Assualting Off-Duty LAPD Officer

Rapper The Game finds himself in the news once again, this time for allegedly assaulting an off-duty policeman at a pickup basketball game in March. The Game is facing a $12 million civil lawsuit in which the officer claims the rapper punched him in the face during the game. Like many things, the incident was [...]

Additional Charges Filed Against Suge Knight in Los Angeles Court

Infamous rap mogul Suge Knight is currently in police custody and charged with murder and attempted murder stemming from a hit-and-run that resulted in a death. After the hit-and-run incident, Knight was charged with attempted robbery stemming from an incident on September 5th, 2014 in which Knight and comedian Katt Williams allegedly tried to take [...]

Los Angeles Police Arrest Ex-NFL Player James Hardy

On Monday, May 5th (otherwise known as Cinco de Mayo), LAPD officers from the Rampart Division responded to a call at the 600 block of Paul Ave. in Westlake. Upon arriving at the scene, police encountered ex-NFL player James Hardy, who "refused to cooperate with officers." In an effort to subdue Hardy, officers fired a [...]

Flavor Flav Avoids Possible 12 Year Prison Sentence by Pleading Guilty

In January of 2014, Flavor Flav, hip-hop pioneer and star of the TV reality show, "Flavor of Love," was arrested for driving with a suspended license. Never one to shy away from controversy, recently in court, the star plead guilty to charges of domestic violence stemming from a 2012 incident involving the 18 year old [...]

Calabasas Resident Justin Bieber Arrested for Assault in Toronto

Justin Bieber, it seems is in the news all the time. Whether it's because he attended one of the star-studded media events, his taste in fashion, his music, or more recently, his troubles with the law. The latter appears to be the case when the singer showed up at a Toronto police station and was [...]

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David Cassidy Arrested Near LAX on Suspicion of DUI

Actor and former teen heart throb David Cassidy was arrested on Friday, January 10th near the LAX Airport under suspicion of driving under the influence. Allegedly, Cassidy was driving down the road and an officer noticed him make an illegal right turn against a red light. Upon being pulled over, the officer smelled alcohol in [...]

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Kanye West Investigated After Altercation at LAX

En route to a waiting automobile at LAX, Kanye West allegedly assaulted a paparazzo who angered the rapper by speaking to him. According to LAPD reports, West was exiting the airport on the way to his waiting car when a paparazzo who was snapping pictures of the star also began to ask him questions. The [...]

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